Wintersun - 'Time I' Release Date Pushed Back A Week

In what will come as no surprise to many, Wintersun have announced today that the album release date of Time I has been pushed back a week. Well, at least it wasn't a year, right?

The band released this message: "As we want to give all our incredible fans something truly special and outstanding for our second album Time I, there is going to be a limited mediabook edition including DVD available, but due to unfortunate manufacturing delays the Time I album release has been postponed by a week."

"We feel very bad about this. This is a big hit for us, so we need your support now more than ever! Be sure to come by our shows in Finland the week before album release, as we play the Time I album live for the first time ever! See you there!"

The new release dates are:

October 19th: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Norway
October 22nd: North America, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Poland (+ all other European countries not mentioned in this list)
October 23rd: Italy
October 24th: Sweden

Time I will be available as follows:

  • Limited Mediabook (Hard cover, wide format) CD + DVD
  • Limited Mediabook (Hard cover, wide format) CD + DVD + Instrumental CD of Time I, Certificate (limited to 500 copies, exclusively available at Nuclear Blast)
  • Limited Mediabook (Hard cover, wide format) CD + DVD + signed photo card Jari Mäenpää (limited to 1.000 copies, exclusively available at
  • Limited Mediabook (Hard cover, wide format) CD + DVD + WS Logo Shirt gray/black (exclusively available at Levykauppa Äx)
  • CD Jewelcase
  • Digital download
  • iTunes digital download w/ Time I booklet

    The bonus DVD includes:

  • Time I Live Rehearsals At Sonic Pump Studios
  • Licks & Tricks
  • Sons Of Winter And Stars - Project Demonstration
  • Photo Gallery

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    16.09.2012 - 01:32
    Wormed will start recording in 2 days

    Let"s see if they can release earlier
    Written by Warman on 07.11.2007 at 22:39
    Haha, that's like saying "compose your own Metal album and upload it here, instead of writing a review of an album". :lol:
    16.09.2012 - 15:07
    The Shape 1973
    Aliens launch EMP strike against earth. It ends in failure. The only thing effected is when all files and copies of Wintersun Time I are wiped from existance.
    "I know I'm not homophobic as I very much enjoy watching lesbians on the internet." Jeremy Clarkson Feb 2019
    17.09.2012 - 00:40
    Well, at least they've made good progress in the last few years. It's not like it's delayed for five more years or anything. But yep, Time and Duke Nukem could get along, if they were to ever meet (disregarding some of the elements preventing them from doing so, of course).
    20.09.2012 - 20:31
    Damn..It's fast. I was expecting it to be pushed back at least another year...:lol:
    21.09.2012 - 07:12
    Account deleted
    Jari's hand must have gotten tired from all those signed pics
    02.10.2012 - 04:08
    Account deleted
    Time will never come...
    02.10.2012 - 15:36
    Account deleted
    Written by Guest on 02.10.2012 at 04:08

    Time will never come...

    If by never you mean 17 days, then you are right, sir.

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