Dolorian - Finish Recordings Of New Album

Dolorian finished the recording of their 3rd full length album entitled "Voidwards", the tracklist is as follow:

01. Dual - Void - Trident
02. In The Locus of Bone
03. Co-il-lusion
04. Ivory Artery
05. The Flow Of Seething Visions
06. The One Whose Name Has No End
07. The Absolute Halo Is Awakening
08. Epoch of Cyclosure
09. The Fire Which Burns Not
10. Raja Naga - Rising

The release date hasn't been set yet.

The band commented the following about their own album:

"After a longish public hiatus the 3rd full-lenght studio album of Dolorian, entitled 'Voidwards', is thoroughly finished. All in all, 10 tracks (65:56 min.) of personal and characteristic material, which will unfold the ulterior passages of being and ultimately lead the observer from the nebulous depths of Nadir towards the luminous Zenith.
From the very first rehearsals until the very last knob adjustments Voidwards had a route of it's own. During the creative processes, we (A.H. & A.K.) explored the crossings of everything - nothing ...and in the end all the mundane attachments were severed - to reach the world of senses and the state of non-attachment.

Apart from the personal visions there exists also a strong over-lying halo which reflects the inmost aspects of the album. Thus, there occurs no time- and space-bound ideas nor conceptions. Voidwards is an album without beginning, without end, without past, without future.

Are our dreams solely wanderings between the abyss, earth and sky?"

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Posted: 06.02.2006 by Metalforthespirit

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