Marionette - Call It Quits

Sad news for all fans of Swedish metal sextet Marionette, as they officially called it quits after 12 years of existence and four full length releases. The official full statement of the band can be read down under.

On their official Facebook page, they bid farewell with following statement:

"Dear citizens.

The time has come for us to call it quits. We have reached the conclusion that we as a collective can no longer do Marionette justice. It's a mutual decision and we part ways with no bad blood. We are as good of friends as ever and we will remember the times we've had together as a band with both a sense of accomplishment, but also a sadness that we couldn't take it even further. It was a hard and an easy decision, both at the same time. Hard because we will all miss it a lot. Easy because we realized that there is simply no way we can be the band we want to be anymore.

Our vision was always grand and to not be able to make that vision a reality is just frustrating for us all. In short, time is the big issue, as it usually is in life. Better to die now so that we can instead look forward and go whole heartedly into whatever comes next. Some of us will continue to make music. Some may not. The future will tell and if/when we start new projects, we will let you know right here for those of you who might be interested in our future endeavors. Jimmie has a new band already, who will surely release something down the road. Hopefully sooner that later! Alex is still playing with Eldrimner and Aron will probably never stop writing music, so expect more from him as well. The merch-shop will stay open a while longer too and everything will now be sold for basically however much shipping is. So it's almost free. Kinda.

Before we say goodbye, we would like to extend our most sincerest thanks to all the people who has been involved with Marionette through all these years. There are a bunch of you and we want to give massive thanks to you all! You know who you are!"

Marionette would also like to give special thanks to:

"All previous members of the band - Axel Widén, Jimmy Olausson, Johan Sporre, Roy Ekelund and Robert Olsson. Huge thanks for all that you've done for the band and for your creative contributions to it all. You have all played a mayor part in the story and whatever legacy we leave behind is as much yours as it is ours. We've all been through a whole lot together and the memories we created will remain. We were Marionette. All of us.

Alexi Front - Pretty much the reason we ever got anywhere to begin with. You gave everything without receiving much in return. The most dedicated and hard working manager anyone could ever ask for. We are forever in debt to you and you deserve all the success and happiness in the world. Most of all, we are very happy that you will still be in our lives as the best of friends. Looking forward as always to when we meet next! We love you dude-man-bro!

Jan "Janne" Olausson - What a trooper you are! An amazing human being with a big heart. Driving a bunch of kids around all of Europe in a van or camper, through good and bad. The patience you possess is second to none. You and your entire family has been a big help and you all deserve only good things in life! Thank you for everything!

Cathrine "Cat" Cooke - The best tour manager ever. Since we first met you've been nothing but amazing. Always nice, never flipped out on us even when we probably deserved a slap in the face and you are a true professional. We wish you nothing but success in life. You deserve the best. Also, you live in what must be one of the most metal places on earth, which should make you every true metal bands first choice as tour manager by default. Hope to see you soon!
bands. Check out "Purple tour management", Cat is amazing!

Joel Lager, Otto Halling, Robin Holgersson and Rogert Rogertsson - For being true brothers both on and off tour! Thank you for driving us around, selling our merch, filling in as musicians, filming our gigs and drinking beer with us! You are all awesome!

All of our families - For being there for us whenever we needed it in ways both big and small. You have helped us out countless times and we will be forever grateful for it. We have a lot to make up for and we love you!

Last but definitely not least we of course want to thank all of you, the people showing up at the live-shows, buying our t-shirts or just sitting at home, listening to our music. The best times we've had as a band have been shared with you. You made it all worthwhile."

Love you all,
Alexander, Aron, Anton, Mikael, Linus and Jimmie

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Posted: 10.09.2017 by Steaklas


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11.09.2017 - 23:58
Always sad to see a band die but better do it than let it rot or lose everything that was its essence (who said In Flames ?). I only have their Nerve album in my MP3 but I enjoy listening to it from time to time. Best to you guys !
23.09.2017 - 17:33
Beer Drinker
Written by s_t_s on 11.09.2017 at 23:58

Always sad to see a band die but better do it than let it rot or lose everything that was its essence (who said In Flames ?). I only have their Nerve album in my MP3 but I enjoy listening to it from time to time. Best to you guys !

I would strongly recommend you to also listen to their last work, Propaganda. You can get it for free (officially) here (click!). It is, in my opinion, their best work and a worthy last album. However, it's sad to hear that, after their progression to this point, they are not going to release more LPs like Propaganda or even further evoluted stuff.
26.09.2017 - 22:40
Weirdo of MS
What? No! They were about the only actual good melodeath band which didn't die yet
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