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What is the best clean/ slowish opeth song?

To Bid You Farewell27
Face Of Melinda22
In My Time of Need19
Hours Of Wealth4
To Rid The Disease3

Total votes: 150

The original post

Posted by Metal_Militia on 05.06.2008 at 06:40
//In your opinion, what do you think the best clean/ slow opeth song? There are many gems to chose from and i obviously couldnt fit them all onto one list. I just tried to make it diverse and take at least of off every album in which there was one. I live Mikes clean voice a lot so i decided to ask you guys which slow song you liked the most. For me, the best one is To Bid You Farewell. I think its one of the most perfect songs ive heard. Great musicianship and i love the moving touch Mikael has on this song. It means a lot to me and you can just hear the emotion pour out of his voice...what do you guys think??//

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Age: 24
From: Australia

  07.12.2009 at 06:26
I just love the guitar on coil. Other songs are probably better, but the guitaring is just brilliant
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Age: 32
From: USA

  08.12.2009 at 00:32
Honestly the entire Damnation album. But my favorite from it is Weakness. Beside that I would say Face Of Melinda.
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Age: 22
From: Canada

  14.12.2009 at 12:31
To Bid You Farewell ,no contest... It is simply the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.
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From: USA

  23.04.2010 at 03:17
Mikael uses is clean voice well. Of the slow ones I picked "In My Time of Need". There is something so haunting about it.
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Age: 30
From: Mexico

  29.04.2010 at 15:31
Benighted all the way so much feeling on that one
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Age: 28
From: UK

  01.05.2010 at 13:40
Aww they're all so good. I voted for Harvest though, because it has this awesome atmosphere, although it was a close race with To Bid You Farewell.
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Age: 20
From: Belgium

  01.05.2010 at 17:54
Coil is sooo beautiful. Mikael's singing is already infamously great but then he got accompanied by that that chick whose name slipped away from me for a moment and that made Coil win this poll
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Age: 22
From: Portugal

  07.11.2010 at 23:38
I voted Face Of Melinda, but I love all the rest
I'll have to honour "To Rid the Disease" and "Benighted", omg i love ALL opeth stuff!

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From: USA

  14.11.2010 at 22:46
Out of the very few Opeth songs I can stand, I do like the song Burden alot, mostly due to the sweet keyboard solo and Mike's voice sounds very good on this one.

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Age: 27
From: India

  25.06.2011 at 11:37
To rid the rid 4 me .......
tis song alwayz gves me goosebums

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Age: 20
From: Syria

  26.06.2011 at 11:01
Man, where is Burden I think it most be there...
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From: Germany

  26.06.2011 at 14:01
"The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull"
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  27.06.2011 at 16:55

Posts: 110
  28.06.2011 at 08:29
A Fair Judgement should be on the list. I voted for Windowpane
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  22.08.2011 at 00:39
Damn. Harvest no 1? I think it's one of their worst ballads and worst songs overall, it's the only song on Blackwater Park that I occasionally skip. It's not a bad song, but it's nothing great either. I'd probably go with Face Of Melinda.

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Age: 19
From: USA

  15.10.2011 at 01:32
It's really hard to decide... if Weakness from Damnation was on this list I'd pick it in a heartbeat. That song is so spine-chilling.

Posts: 1

Age: 23
From: Turkey

  10.11.2011 at 00:07
Written by Metal_4Ever on 26.06.2011 at 11:01

Man, where is Burden I think it most be there...

I agree. Seriously, Burden must be there.
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  23.02.2012 at 18:15
I love Hours of Wealth, it's breathtakingly gorgeous. The quiet jazzy keyboard section with Mikael singing and the guitar solo is positively to die for, always lifts my spirits.
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  25.02.2012 at 08:01
I love "Coil" coz it makes me sad whenever I listen to it...lol

Posts: 103

Age: 20
From: USA
  25.02.2012 at 21:25
I've only heard Harvest and To Bid You Farewell, but I don't know if they'll ever top TBYF when it comes to slow/clean.
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Age: 23
From: USA

  07.09.2012 at 08:47
This one is extremely hard since I love all of these songs, however Hours of Wealth I remember hitting home pretty well. I recall being in a hotel room in New York City last year looking out the window, seeing the hustle and bustling of people and cars below, and I was listening to this song at the time. The beautifully jazzy song really set the mood for the scene I was watching below and the moment just felt so right for the song to be played. I didn't even tell myself to play the song at the time, it just happened naturally and spontaneously. It was picture - perfect.
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Age: 25
From: USA

  08.09.2012 at 12:12
Of course Harvest would be at the top. Not surprising at all, since it's a great song and most people's favorite acoustic Opeth song.

Still, while I love every song on this list, I have a thing for Coil. Something special about it. I totally want that song played at my funeral, especially if I have an untimely death.

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Age: 25
From: Argentina

  08.01.2014 at 21:36
The lack of Burden on that list makes me nervous.
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Posts: 2343

Age: 29
From: Canada

  09.01.2014 at 03:03
In My Time of Need

Posts: 210

Age: 23
From: Iran

  26.09.2014 at 14:49
It think it the track Burden from watershed and i dont understand why it isnt on the list Burden is Opeth best track for me

Posts: 21

Age: 30
From: USA

  28.09.2014 at 00:25
Windowpane has such great ambience especially when you're listening with headphones. I'm a drummer so I love the the intricacies and subtleties of the drumming coupled with the emotive guitar notes and vocals. This actually describes my feelings toward the entire Damnation album.
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Posts: 36
From: USA

  22.10.2014 at 18:41
Benighted gets my vote. It's a beautiful song that has grown more precious to me over time just as my appreciation for it has, likewise, increased. I will note, however, that I didn't consider songs from Damnation or the last two in this poll since those are basically "slow" and "clean" albums all together making it difficult to get any sense of contrast.

Posts: 915

Age: 20
From: USA

  24.10.2014 at 09:25
Needs more Damnation, Windowpane isn't the only great song from the album.

Posts: 210

Age: 23
From: Iran

  14.11.2014 at 22:11
Or even Soldier Of Fortune cover is a great song

Posts: 172
From: USA

  27.11.2014 at 03:50
I still think Credence is one of the best things they've ever done, but I'm weird like that.

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