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Posted by on 22.10.2006 at 20:47
I'm really tired of all the feminists who blames every single bad thing in the society on the men.

A few years ago the leader of the national organisation for women- and girl-helpcenters (dont know the proper english translation) said, in public, that all men are pigs. How the hell can she say something like that? How the hell can women draw the conclusion that ALL men are bad?
Afterwards, when it had been on the first page in every newspaper, there was a reporter who asked her if she still meant what she said. She answered "But all men ARE pigs. Don't YOU think so?"
When I heard that I was like "whoa!" I mean, she sounded like a freakin maniac. I was honestly scared.

Another feminist debate in Sweden was whether we would boycott the FIFA World Cup just because prostitution is legal in Germany. Some stupid feminist (can't remember name) wrote a blog about that men "should take their responsibility". She said that if you're not against it, you're with it. How the hell can she really believe that i can't enjoy football without having to fuck a prostitute after a game? Talk about preconceived opinions.
"Men are pigs" pfff... That fucking feminist blogger is nothing but a filthy animal.

Since a new party started in Swedish politics, Feministic Initiative, I am no longer a feminist. I do believe that men and women should be equal to eachother, but the word feminist has got a new meaning to me. Feminism is now a synonyme to the word "sexism".
This party wanted all men to pay a certain tax that would pay for the rehabilitation of beat up women. Fucking fascists!

And have you heard about the book "The SCUM-manifest"? The author basically says that men are the reason why the world is as bad as it is, and that all women should exterminate the male gender. Hmm, that sounds familiar somehow. Could it be MEIN KAMPF, written by freakin ADOLF HITLER??? Only the word "jew" has been replaced by the word "male".

I am not a feminist, but I am a feminimasculinist. I don't want women to run the world. I want both men AND women to do it. Therefore, I am a feminimasculinist.
All feminists should burn in hell. Boycott feminism.

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  27.06.2014 at 17:54
Written by IronAngel on 26.06.2014 at 17:14

Well, you can safely assume Ilham was. It is, of course, always possible that the girl in the picture does not realize that the sign is nonsensical, but lacking any context, it seems blatantly sarcastic. Her point seems to be to draw attention from social issues like feminism to (in her mind) a much more pressing problem that potentially affects our survival as a species; or more crudely, just to make fun of feminism.

Either way, of course, it's a pretty stupid statement.

That makes sense, I figured IIham wasn't being serious as she is a girl and the preface she gave to the comment, but the girl in the pic is still cute.

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  28.09.2014 at 05:13
Written by Mattybu on 23.06.2014 at 21:25

I think Rasputin's problem is the "feminists" he has gotten exposure are all on the internet, and on the internet people can blog all the stupid shit they want, and go ahead and say "if you see a woman walking down the street and stare at them for 3.4 seconds or more it's RAPE AM I RIGHT LADIES???" and then they get a few dumb people to support them, then that's what some people's exposure to it is. Despite there being a small army of people who just take feminism to ridiculous extents the whole idea of it is equality, which I would think a lot of people don't believe simply because of the amount of so called feminists posting stupid shit online who give the goal of what feminism actually is (equality) a bad name.

and here's what I mean by the people who have no idea what they are talking about, and deserve to be thoroughly laughed at:

My problem is that in the entire movement there is no common sense, or an actual cohesive movement to speak off. Every dumb individual who poses as a feminist all of a sudden becomes a sage for the fragmented pockets of so called feminists that they in turn go into herd mentality and start supporting dumb shit. Like Slayer said, "if a guy looks at you for 3.5 seconds, he is Eye Raping you" and that is demeaning to women, yet going into porn, prostitution or stripping gives you a sense of honor because that gives you back your "female agency," like someone took it from you. The sad aspect is that you cannot tell feminists and feminazis apart, since they feed off each other, and they puff, puff, pass their bullshit. I have been to so many conferences where there were tons of women who label themselves feminists, and there were quite a few feminazis, however, the problem is that they don't police each other live, let alone online. So when that bullshit popped up YESallwomen and the like, you can't seem to find anyone to debate the issue. I just think if the feminists from the past were here and now, they would not believe or condone what is going on today, since like I said before, porn industry infiltrated the so called "women empowerment" movement that it seems the only way you can get back that feminine agency is to be a whore, and condone acts of one Belle Knox and call it liberating.

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  30.09.2014 at 16:39
Please watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsB1e-1BB4Y
And when our eyes will meet there
We will recognize nothing's wrong

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