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Posted by bj_waters on 20.03.2012 at 01:36
Because I must inflict this upon others, I give you two singles from Babymetal, the newest project from Japan for driving people like us insane.

It's like the worst parts of nu metal and J-Pop were blended together. And if you think this one was bad, watch the other one. Just wait for the "rap" segment. You'll know it when you see it.

inb4 Japan is weird. This goes beyond "weird;" this hurts. The thing is, I like some J-Pop (mostly because I like electronic music in general), and I like heavy metal (obviously), and I even wouldn't mind if there wasn't some kind of fusion between the two, but it would MOST DEFINITELY NOT sound like this. This is just painfully bad.

Nevertheless, my opinions aside, what are your reactions?

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Age: 19
From: UK

  26.05.2013 at 04:48
To be honest, I thought that was some pretty good stuff, the second track especially ('Li Ne', i think it was called?). It's unique (J-pop and Metal, come on!), and also very catchy and enjoyable to listen to. I'll look to check some of their other stuff out.

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Age: 29
From: USA

  26.05.2013 at 09:10
You know, when I first posted this, I never expected it to reach 4 pages. Go figure.
Altered Beast

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  11.06.2013 at 13:11
It hurts why, japan? WHYYYYY?????!!!!

Posts: 33
From: Finland
  11.06.2013 at 16:55
Written by Altered Beast on 11.06.2013 at 13:11

It hurts why, japan? WHYYYYY?????!!!!

Because: Japan.
Also, I think they (Japanese) are trolling metal fans.

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From: UK

  19.06.2013 at 03:03
This genre is so epic, really I was really into extreme genres of metal like nu metal and this is the way I want metal to evolve! You can't possible think that the new Death/Black metal bands release something original, this japanese created a complete new genre approved by all the Hipsters.

This is the best thing that happened to metal since KoRn reinvented it.

You may not like it first like when you first started to listen to Death metal because you wanted to be accepted by the other metalheads, but after a few tries you will think this guys are pure genius. Japanese you never disappoint me! I knew you were up to something great after the great hit of "Gangnam Style" by Sigh

/m\ Stay Sic Always /m\
/m\ METAL /m\

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From: UK

  04.07.2013 at 21:16
I don't see BabyMetal showing any signs of giving up yet.

Still a load of shite, but a load of fun

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Age: 22
From: Mexico

  29.07.2013 at 05:40
We have to recognize that sound strangely well when compared to other bands (bands like Korn or other shit)
Suffering is permanent, obscure and dark, And shares the nature of infinity.
William Wordsworth
Brütal Legend

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From: USA

  30.07.2013 at 19:38
Written by DoomRules on 29.07.2013 at 05:40

We have to recognize that sound strangely well when compared to other bands (bands like Korn or other shit)

Almost took you seriously for a second.
Account deleted
  06.12.2013 at 21:00
no one

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Age: 30
From: New Zealand

  06.12.2013 at 21:23
Is this music kind of like lost prophets....Bwaa haa haa
Ancient Dreams

Posts: 43
From: UK
  06.12.2013 at 23:36
I quite genuinely like this band. Although liking some elements of J-Pop anyway probably helps that quite a lot.

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