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Posted by Soliloquy, 22.05.2006 - 00:14
well here it is. a thread for the ever changing band. they started off as death/doom metal with some gothic influences. one of the first gothic acts(in 91). then they changed their style to avant grade/doom metal with their second album. their 3rd and forth were gothic metal/rock. their 5th was trip rock, 6th was the same. 7th was popish rock. and now their new album is yet again, different.

i bout their album 'home' a few weeks ago. only heard it thrice i believe. pretty cool album, but it isnt what i was expecting. befor the album came out, there was a huge hype of how the band is going back to its trip rock roots(how to measure a planet? roots), but it really wasnt. but instead of making th ealbum sound like that, they made soemthing else. their music is different, and so are their lyrics. most of the time i was sort of confused as to what they are talking about, but oh well, over all home is a cool album

what do you guys think of them? favorite album? song? what do you think about their experimental style? should they stick to one genre, or keep jumping back and forth? do you like the older The Gathering, or the Newer, or the one that was in th emiddle? saw them live? how were theyy?
07.10.2007 - 14:01
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@Ivor yes but NW keep same style, also BS when ozzy left/wa skick out thay keep simmilar style but The Gathering thay changed and ToN thay changed whit Liv I like first 2 albums of ToN leitehr its to much Electronics , wierd I do like Sentenced and Tiamat (even old stuff as better) but about name changed but ok it can be not neceserly but in case how much of us know first 2 albums of band?
Only i-net place where are song for free are o non of new fans can get into older band albums
Me I love old doom stuff and ist autumn, decade for doomsetrs but if i was musician I doubnt I sad in band (but I never had sad that I dont respect Anneke how singer and person)
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08.10.2007 - 16:30
Dark Phoenix
@Ivor: ooo thank you! I'm so glad she is still here, creating and singing. Aqua de Annique sounds great (listening to Trail of Grief right now, it's mind-blowing!)

and @K7: could you please drop that. It's so annyoing to hear the same thing over and over again... For me the thing is quite simple: a band changes constantly, whether with the departure and coming of new members or because it grows. When it comes to a better change, I'm glad, when it doesn't, I just don't listen to it. And just as Ivor said, why change the name? In most of the cases pointed out, the singers left and as much as I know none of them had a particular strong effect on the music, so it's logical that the bands kept their core.

And The Gathering made each and every album with noticable differences from their others, even when Anneke was also in the band, so you can't ''blame'' her for the band to leave their death/doom origin. I think other members as well were involved in the whole creative process of music composing, not just her, so why change the name?
28.10.2007 - 01:55
@K7.....what's ToN? Theatre of No-literacy? least respect the names of bands....

Bout Gathering...I'm glad I discovered their works...Already produced a review and there's more coming....I love Anneke, she's definitely one of the best female singers I've ever heard and I also like her new band...I hope she didn't entirely quit her co-operation with the Gathering...I don't know why but the Gathering with Anneke possess something that makes me like it so very much.....
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08.05.2009 - 13:28
So, anybody had heard the new album? Here you can listen the entire new album:
20.05.2009 - 18:38
The new album is nice....I do need some time to get used to that Anneke ain't singing on it but Silje does a good job, as does Marcela...I already found a favourite song from there....
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23.05.2009 - 14:10
It's pretty sweet. It's not quite on par with their earlier work, probably because Anneke just adds so much more magic to the music. And truth be told, I miss the electronica influences of Souvenirs and Home. The West Pole has a nice sound to it that reminds me of How to Measure a Planet? and even Nighttime Birds, but it's more airy, lacking the massiveness of the two.

The intro is pretty good, perhaps my favorite song off the album. Another brilliant piece is All You Are. Silje is good, and I like the colour of her voice, but she lacks a bit in range and energy.

As "just another album", I'd rate it 8/10. As a Gathering album, it surprised me pleasantly (for I feared the worst), but just isn't as magical as the others. It'd deserve 7/10 on the band's scale.
23.12.2009 - 03:15
Actually, when i heard that silje was the new vocalist, i was sad to see that anneke was replaced, and was repalced so easily. but after hearing the album, i have to say, there were times when i thought silje was annke. however, silje can hit some of the notes that anneke can, but shes just not as expressive, and her vibratos are not nearly as good and clean as anneke.

overall i thought the new album was a 'meh' but some songs in there kinda took me as a surprise. for one, the cigarette one. almost venturing into a bit of jazz/bluesy stuff. also very dark, like 'red is a slow color'.

i always wondered what anneke and the gathering would have sounded like if anneke changed the band into a more bluesy band. i mean, anneke did come to the gathering from a blues background.

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07.01.2010 - 13:53
I think Silje is doing a GREAT job on The Gathering.. replacing someone in a band is never easy and i guess it gets even more dificult when it comes to being a singer and replacing Anneke.
i also think that Silje's voice does sound a lot like Anneke's and their singing style is quite similar, i never thought about that while i was listening to Octavia Sperati.. Silje was a good surprise, regarding other infamous replacements (Tristania, Nightwish), i was expecting the worst!
her live singing is good too, even with the old songs, like my favourite "Leaves". saw TG performing that song (and many others ) live on August 09, in Portugal., it rocked

unfortunatly, there are only few of songs i like on The West Pole ("no bird call", "the west pole", "when trust becomes sound"), but the ones i like, i REALLY like, they're on my "top favourite songs"
25.07.2012 - 18:08
No actvity here? Strange...

The new album is comming up soon, two songs are out allready. Any thoughts about it?