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The original post

Posted by Deadsoulman on 16.10.2007 at 09:33
Ok people, like the old one, this is the place to tell us your latest concert experiences!

I'll start by pasting my last message in the old thread:

I saw Behemoth, Kataklysm, Aborted and Lyfthrasyr on Sunday.

As I may write a report about this one, I won't say much. Just that Kataklysm, and above all Behemoth, were amazing. Really. Absolutely amazing. I've been blown away, even if it was the third time this year I was seeing Behemoth live (after the No Mercy fest and the Hellfest). But, as headliners, they are even better.

Ok, I'll just give you the setlists of the last two bands, for those who care
Setlist Kataklysm:
Like Angels (Weeping The Dark)
Let Them Burn
Ambassador Of Pain
The Resurrected
Crippled & Broken
Serenity In Fire
Where The Enemy Sleeps...
Beyond Salvation
As I Slither
Face The Face Of War
Manipulator Of Souls
In Shadows And Dust

Setlist Behemoth:
Rome 64 C.E.
Slaying The Prophets Of Isa
Antichristian Phenomenon
From The Pagan Vastlands
Conquer All
Christgrinding Avenue
Drum Solo
Slaves Shall Serve
As Above So Below
Summoning Of the Ancient Gods
Christians To The Lions
Decade Of Therion
Chant For Eschaton 2000

I Got Erection (Turbonegro cover)

To reply to another post in the old thread, both bands played approximately 75 minutes.

Next to come is Enslaved and Keep Of Kalessin tomorrow

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  23.06.2015 at 17:12
Written by Chronic on 23.06.2015 at 03:15

Written by Ganondox on 23.04.2015 at 10:34

Nightwish in Salt Lake with Delian and Sabaton as openers, and the first metal concert I've actually attended. Now I finally see why people like Sabaton so much, they're are an absolutely fantastic live band. At the end of the show this 10-year old girl tossed them a poster saying "Sabaton is awesome" and then they invited her up on stage for their final song.

Another Utahn on here? Hell yeah man.

Saturday I went and saw Willie Nelson and was surprised at the lack of weed there.
Good show though. Dude still has it for being 82.

I go to school there, but right now I'm with my parents in Virginia.

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From: USA

  26.06.2015 at 03:04
Saw Jungle Rot last night.
Pretty rad show. Really cool dudes as well.
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  29.06.2015 at 12:24
Motörhead, The Stranglers and King Creature at The Eden Project - Saturday (27.6.15).

Awesome show - three great bands!!
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  29.06.2015 at 13:44
I would say Ulcerate but I skipped it to play Witcher 3. Oops silly me.
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  30.06.2015 at 04:57
Saw the Cancer Bats in march and it was awesome

first post here btw

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  10.08.2015 at 18:28
- Heavy Montreal 2015 -

Bands I've Seen:

- Meshuggah
- Neurosis
- Testament
- Within Temptation
- Arch Enemy
- Nuclear Assault
- Slipknot
- Billy Talent
- Dying Fetus
- Devin Townsend
- Gojira
- Korn
- Cattle Decapitation
- Veil Of Maya
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  23.08.2015 at 01:45
First gig in ages: King Parrot (plus support from Intense Hammer Rage and Uncle Geezer).

King Parrot were fucking awesome - one of the best live acts I've seen. So much energy and a great sense of humour!

Intense Hammer Rage surprised me by being slower and more refined than the last time I saw them (c. 2005). Uncle Geezer were bizarre - decent grindcore but the singer danced around in the empty (at the time pit).
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  01.09.2015 at 20:04
I haven't been to a gig for a long time. Last one was in May 2014. Amon Amarth, support: Karma Violens. They kicked ass but they mostly played their newer stuff, which really generic, same sounding and boring. However they were so ood I enjoyed the show. Karma Violens were good as well.
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