Arwen - Illusions (Song by Song)

With: José A. Garrido
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 16.12.2004

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Album info: Illusions

01. Intro
02. Illusions
03. Riding Alone
04. Dance Of Souls
05. Infinity
06. Keltia
07. Fantasy Of Reality
08. No More Tears
09. By My Own Sight
10. One Reason To Live
11. Lullaby
12. Somewhere In The Past
13. Touch The Sky

The album was called "Illusions" because in it there are represented all the illusions that we live, it touch some different matters of our lives by an optimist way, and some dramatic and novelistic songs with the same optimist message.

This one has two parts, very different in concept and sound.

01. Intro:

Here you can find the orchestration I had talking about, with a little sad character, it conduce you to "Illusions".

02. Illusions:

Very aggressive and direct song, based on the harmony of the refrain. Orchestra continue with the strings and, by moments, winds. It talk about people who be ill-threated by life and search the way to make real their own illusions. It is a song with a lot of strength, and it presents the duel Nacho-Mamen in the album.

03. Riding Alone:

This is one of the songs who explain the evolution of Arwen, singed by Mamen passing by soft voices to heart-rending voices. You can find more presence of the winds mixing with the synthesizers. It talk about the genocide of the natives of America in S.XIX, based in the life of a young Indian women, who survives of an attack to her home and run away hating and thinking about the "white man" and the humanity in general.

04. Dance of Souls:

A very aggressive song with a fight by the extremely hard sound of the guitars and the orchestration. Nacho and Mamen have to interpret their rules, cause one of them will be the narrator of a terrible story, by one house and the crimes inside by a killer, and the other one will be the tortured souls trapped in the house.

05. Infinity:

It starts like the 80´s metal but, curiously, will transform in the most similar song to "Memories…". It is one of the more direct songs in the album, talking about the eternal questions without answers about universe.

06. Keltia:

One of the soft songs, talking about the hurt who have the mother Earth by the hands of the humanity. Here is the most worked orchestration of the album, with a very important participation of folk and ethnic instruments. It is other song singed completely by Mamen.

07. Fantasy of Reality:

Very strange song, but very representative of the album, and talking about dreams, between the fantasy and the real life.

08. No More Tears:

Perhaps one of the most direct songs of the album. It is a scream full of rage to the terrorist, telling terrible truths and imploring the end of the no sense deaths.

09. By My Own Sight:

Here you can find the rock influences of Arwen, a personal reflection of our lives. It is a special song, cause I sing the song with Nacho.

10. One Reason to Live:

Another strange song, an interior reflection to get strength and carry on in live. It have so much rock influence too.

11. Lullaby

The ballad of the album, a lullaby with some different influences and a marvellous piano.

12. Somewhere in the Past:

This is the song with more progressive influence of the album, it talks about a long trip to the past.

13. Touch the Sky:

This is the most happy song of the album, contrasting with the first one (Illusions) because is exactly the other side. Here the keyboards are more in a second plane, the song is carry out by guitars and voices. The lyric, as the others, talk about ourselves and our lives in many aspects, not only in music.


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