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All Shall Perish - Hate.Malice.Revenge (Song by Song)

Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 01.03.2005

Band profile:

All Shall Perish
Album info: Hate.Malice.Revenge

01. Deconstruction
02. Laid To Rest
03. Our Own Grave
04. The Spreading Disease
05. Sever The Memory
06. For Far Too Long...
07. Never Ending War
08. Herding The Brainwashed

Deconstruction :
a personal song about our singers ex

Laid To Rest:
a personal song about our drummers ex

Herding The Brainwashed :
A testament to the mindless sheep that follow their make believe gods, in a hope to better their lives, Only to make things worse for themselves and the people around them. God's are mans Worst Creations.

The Spreading Disease :
The song deals with the issue of over population. Humans endlessly breeding until we are either out of room or we end up killing each other and the greedy nations who cause this overbreading of the poor.

Our Own Grave :
This song is about the human lust for greed and how our contempt for the environment and our obsession with technology is digging our own grave in this hollow shell of an earth.

Sever The Memory :
This song is about being raised to be a follower and finding your own truth and severing ties.

For Far Too Long :
This is a song about one of our ex guitarists and how he was a little bitch and couldn't come to grips with problems in his life.

Never Ending War :
This song was written during the US UK invasion of Iraq and it details my feelings on the situation. Basically its about how the US is betraying what it was founded on through acts of imperialism and how the US media keeps the population sheltered and ignorant as to the real facts. This song also asks people if they will simply accept what is handed to them or fight for the truth.


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