Behemoth interview (10/2009)

With: Adam "Nergal" Darski
Conducted by: Baz Anderson (in person)
Published: 21.10.2009

Band profile:


Currently on tour with Devildriver, Behemoth have switched roles and find themselves as main support on the UK leg of the tour. Before the band took the stage, I managed to have a chat with Nergal about all things Behemoth. This is how it went:

Part 1

Part 2

For a review of the show, visit this location.

Thanks go to Nergal for his time, and also Adam Sagir for setting it up.
Conducted & edited by Barry Anderson, recorded by Richard Anderson.


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21.10.2009 - 02:34
.|.. O_o ..|.
This interview was good as all the others
Keep it up Baz

One thing bothered me thou
Is that vein that looks like the number 3
Seemed it was gonna pop any min everytime he clench his jaw:P

Am looking forward for that DVD yeah!!
And maybe, just maybe i will get the chance to see them live
21.10.2009 - 02:51
I saw them live a month ago and I loved.
"i still can't imagine any of them dead. They live on; they are fixed on that far-off region called childhood, were nothing ever dies, not even oneself."
21.10.2009 - 02:53
Down Under Staff
Interesting to watch! I don't think I've seen him without make-up. Nice down-to-earth interview. The release of a biography of the band raised an eyebrow of mine too. I haven't really read a metal band biography before, let alone one of an extreme metal band such as Behemoth. It sounds like something to look out for.
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21.10.2009 - 03:11
I got to meet Nergal about three or four months ago and it's safe to say that he is one of the coolest persons living.
21.10.2009 - 07:38
Greg L.
Nice interview Baz!
21.10.2009 - 11:28
In my opinion the best of your inteviews. Nergal's answers are really interesting, he always knows what to say without any crap.
Gj Baz.
21.10.2009 - 11:45
Nice interview.
21.10.2009 - 18:00
Urban Monster
Nergal's an interesting guy.
Any man can stand adversity, but to test his character give him power - A. Lincoln
21.10.2009 - 21:14
Nergal looks a lot different without the corpse paints.Nice Interview
21.10.2009 - 21:19
Baz Anderson
Written by Maxx666 on 21.10.2009 at 21:14

Nergal looks a lot different without the corpse paints.

I'd be a bit worried if he didn't.

Thanks a lot everyone for the positive comments.
21.10.2009 - 22:54
Congratulations for a very interesting and good interview....I never would have imagined Nergal'd look like this in real life....
Go ahead, make my day...
22.10.2009 - 00:52
I Hate You
I am not normally into interviews.. or I find that I start to tune them out after awhile (not yours, Baz.. I mean interviews in general). But this one held my interest. I really enjoyed it. I am excited about the double DVD news. Nergal seems like a pretty cool guy.
22.10.2009 - 10:11
Very interesting interview actually. Even though I'm not the biggest Evangelion fan or Behemoth fan for that matter.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.
23.10.2009 - 00:14
Koen Smits
Nice interview. Nergal's answers are to the point and he doesn't rush to be out.
He looks a bit old to me though.
RIP: Frank Vandenbroucke (6 nov 1974 - 12 oct 2009)

Written by Bad English on 05.04.2014 at 15:05

but spoil thius film is like spoil porn and say porn ends whit cum shot ...
24.10.2009 - 00:31
Wow, this guy's got a vision much clearer than so many other musicians out there.

He also looks like Robert Downey Jr.
24.10.2009 - 11:59
Or maybe even Nicholas Cage?
"An open mind is like a fortress with it's gates unbarred and unguarded"
24.10.2009 - 20:24
Bad English
Lol Poland is extreme place from axes in football games till metal
They're from Gdansk, they know what I mean heheh Gdyna XD

About interwiew even I dont like this band, I still like Grom and Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) IMO best what band realsied, but this interwiew its always nice hear so intelectual converstaion and interwiew, he's guy who's interwiew I be readyw atch 2H long

yeah and stay who you are
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
26.10.2009 - 20:02
He seems like a very natural person. He makes good music too .
02.11.2009 - 04:55
Wood Troll
Is it just me or did he seem kind of annoyed at a few of the questions?
"A witty saying proves nothing."
02.11.2009 - 09:31
Baz Anderson
Written by ItalktotheWind on 02.11.2009 at 04:55

Is it just me or did he seem kind of annoyed at a few of the questions?

It is just you. He was very friendly afterwards.
02.11.2009 - 20:13
Wood Troll
Written by Baz Anderson on 02.11.2009 at 09:31

Written by ItalktotheWind on 02.11.2009 at 04:55

Is it just me or did he seem kind of annoyed at a few of the questions?

It is just you. He was very friendly afterwards.

Ok, I met him once and he was definitely one of the nicest musicians Ive met. Just during the genre labeling and few other moments he seemed to have an air about him that seemed stressed or something. Never mind then
"A witty saying proves nothing."
03.12.2009 - 08:07
Thank you that was great.
13.08.2010 - 09:29
Nice job, cool guy apparently

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