Barn Burner - Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth review


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Band: Barn Burner
Album: Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth
Release date: June 2011

01. Scum Of The Earth
02. Dark Side Of The Barn
03. Gate Creeper
04. Keg Stand And Deliver
05. The Earth's Crust
06. Quest For The Cube
07. Brother Fear
08. Skid Marks The Spot
09. Crushing Defeat
10. Ghost Jam

Barn Burner is a stoner metal/rock band that hails from Montréal. They have released two killer albums, both entitled Bangers (to a certain extent). The title is suitable, as this album hammers out banger after banger.

Imagine, you're skateboarding in the ghetto of a large town; you reach the park and get stoned with your buddies in one of their Volkswagen vans. You then go on a crazy adventure across the country, involving close calls with the police and extra-terrestrial riffing aliens, but then waking up only to find out you're still just stoned in the skatepark.

That's what this album is, a crazy musical journey. This album contains monster riffs and perfect drums, slamming bass and vocals from the insane. One of the first things that stood out to me when I first heard this was the amazing riffage; both Kevin and Cam do an amazing job. The second thing that blew mind was the drums; they were varied, fast and slow, simple and technical, they added perfectly to the sound. The sound has an almost underground feeling, like they recorded it live in a bar, yet it sounds perfect like it was recorded with million-dollar equipment. One of my favourite things in this album, if not my favourite, is the vocal work of Kevin. It has perfect rasp and tone, it really is mesmerizing. His voice added to the psychedelic and stoner lyrics, makes for amazing vocal work.

Overall I found this to be a very enjoyable album; it has great vibes and even better riffs. Good work Barn Burner!

Highlight - "Scum Of The Earth"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Boxcar Willy | 05.02.2012


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Doc G.
So, remember a few years ago when Barn Burner released their debut album Bangers? Of course you don't, because aside from a bit of publicity across North America, a select few picking up on it, it was a release that went relatively unnoticed. Sure, it was a pretty good album, and yes, it was a shame it didn't hit the peaks it could have, but no, it's not one of those "crime against humanity" type misses. Why? Well, as thoroughly catchy as it was, Bangers suffered from some bizarre production that resulted in them sounding a lot thinner & quieter than they actually are, as if whoever was behind the mixing boards thought they were a pop-punk band or something.

published 18.06.2011 | Comments (4)

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