Severe Torture - Misanthropic Carnage review


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Band: Severe Torture
Album: Misanthropic Carnage
Release date: 2002

01. Mutilation Of The Flesh
02. Meant To Suffer
03. Carnivorous Force
04. Misanthropic Carnage
05. Blinded I Slaughter
06. Impelled To Kill
07. Castrated
08. Forever To Burn
09. Your Blood Is Mine

Severe Torture, a band from the Netherlands with such a brutal sound and such an incredible music, that will make other Brutal Death Metal bands sound like amateurs; this is actually my first experience with this band, and believe me, I loved it to the bone.

This band manages to be sick, brutal and aggressive and at the same time they sound Catchy and structured, the breakdowns and pauses make this awesome album sound polished as a new shiny Bentley; it takes just one listen to the first track to notice this is no average Death Metal band, "Mutilation Of The Flesh" has a lot of incredible moments, a lot of breakdowns, some bridges and awesome pauses (1:11, 1:47, etc.), this particular track sums up in a really accurate way what Severe Torture is, a tune wrapped in complex Bass-lines, catchy Riffs, awesome Drumming, and even a piece of "What The Fuck is That".

The vocal work is amazing, guttural as fuck yet layered; I love this type of vocals, all Brutal as hell yet somehow comprehensible. Then there's the Bass-Lines, this could be the first Brutal Death Metal Band I hear with clean, loud and understandable Bass-Lines, most BDM bands grab a bass-line and start distorting it and then they make it sound muddy and shitty, but not Severe Torture, this dudes polish the Bass-Lines and add a lot of volume to the low tones, then everything fits correctly, the clear and complex Bass-Lines with the awesome Guitar Riffs and then obviously with the incredible Drum-Work, which by the way is not the usual blast-beat, so more points there.

If you are willing to hear blatant brutality filled with catchy riffs and awesome music, get this album, it's actually astonishing. My only complain is the lack of guitar solos, but hey, with music like this, who the fuck needs complex guitar solos; this album is on only for the Brutality and aggressive sake, not at all for the technical approaches or anything.

Best Tracks: "Mutilation Of The Flesh", "Forever To Burn", "Meant To Suffer", "Your Blood Is Mine"

Written by Herzebeth | 10.09.2005



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17.10.2010 - 09:49
Brutal as fuck!!! Herz is right this album have an awesome bass-lines.... very impressive
12.08.2011 - 11:05
Goblet ov Gore

favorite tracks: "Meant To Suffer", "Impelled To Kill", and "Your Blood Is Mine".

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