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Band: Thought Machine
Album: Thought Machine
Release date: May 2012

01. Inspiration
02. Come To The Point
03. F-Switch
04. The Autumn Lives Here
05. Death Of The Sun
06. Artificial Imagination
07. Cyber Screen
08. Come To Me
09. Warning
10. Captured
11. Thought Machine
12. The Hole Of Schizophrenia

This is potentially the most addictive album I've heard this year. A dark, creepy, future world awaits, with stories told through the sounds and grooves of cyber, electronic, and industrial metal.

Italy's Thought Machine gives us a debut that is complex, professional, and highly enjoyable, probably owing to the fact that all musicians have played in several bands before this one and took plenty of time to hone their craft. The drums of Francesco La Rosa and the synthesizers of Elisa Montaldo really drive this album where rhythm is king and the electronics create a vivid, angular atmosphere. Yet, it's the melodies that make these rhythms get under your skin in such an inescapable way. The melodies are so infectious they will cling to your face like Alien.

Most of the songs are energetic and driving while being quite interesting and, of course, instantly memorable. A few slower tracks break up the assault, the first being "The Autumn Lives Here" which is probably the creepiest and intriguing of all. It doesn't stay slow for long, and the tempo picks up again for the chorus, but the repeated A-section has a sensual, almost sinister vibe to it. Another surprise is the soaring ballad "Come To Me" which lets the band groove on their much softer side. And if you weren't already convinced of Simona Pala's vocal talent and, above all, her versatility, this track will seal the deal.

Can we just talk about her for a moment? She sings, screams, yells, and does everything in between. Her medium/low-ranged voice is so strong and the timbre is perfect to lead this electronic metal assault. Training and experience are so evident and she's such an asset to Thought Machine's very visual musical landscape.

The overall presentation of this debut is really well thought out and the cover art is appropriate to the themes of the music and lyrics. The booklet adds even more, showcasing lyrics and creepy photos of band members on pages richly decorated in a grainy, muted color scheme. These mini band photos are stylized, theatrical shots, and add a bit of dark fun.

(Special treat for my fellow Whovians: see if you can find which track begins with a subtle sound of the TARDIS.)

Hear the album on Thought Machine's Official Youtube Channel, then purchase it either on iTunes or directly from the band.


Written on 27.10.2012 by Susan appreciates quality metal regardless of sub-genre. Metal Storm Staff since 2006.

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28.10.2012 - 00:07
Stinky Lips
"The melodies are so infectious they will cling to your face like Alien"

Appropriate given the album cover. I'm intrigued.
28.10.2012 - 01:06
A staff guy...
Intrigued indeed. Will have to check these guys out. I saw you posted them in my threadquest for more cyber metal and now this review definitely means I have to check them out asap when I get home. Thanx Susan!
~Zep, Database and Forum Moderation~

28.10.2012 - 01:36
Account deleted
Getting this ASAP!
28.10.2012 - 03:47
Very intrigued, i will check it on Youtube, nice review!!!!
28.10.2012 - 06:40
Tristus Scriptor
Rancid Reviewer
Susan...I think you sold me. Metal with electronic atmospheres done properly is scarce, in my humble opinion. However, it's nice to go outside of one's comfort zone and find something welcoming. Seeking samples now...
28.10.2012 - 08:53
I'm so excited for this , seems to be something for me . nice review Susan ...
28.10.2012 - 10:25
Account deleted
9.. interesting. And the fact that this is a debut makes it even more interesting. I'm expecting a completely fresh sound.
28.10.2012 - 10:29
I read the first line of the review and i was like ...gotta check it out NOW
\m/ - - \m/
28.10.2012 - 10:46
Industrial power metal.
28.10.2012 - 11:49
Interesting, and I see there are some members of Daedalus in there
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Txus, Mägo De Oz
28.10.2012 - 11:53
I immediately thought Blood Stain Child's Epsilon but darker and maybe heavier. Going to check this out now.
28.10.2012 - 22:55
Account deleted
This is pretty fun stuff.

I'm sure there's a Tardis sound effect in the 'Artificial Imagination' track.
28.10.2012 - 23:14
Written by Guest on 28.10.2012 at 22:55

I'm sure there's a Tardis sound effect in the 'Artificial Imagination' track.

And we have a winner!!!!!!!
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Is what I choose
At the end of my days"
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28.10.2012 - 23:22
Account deleted
Written by Susan on 28.10.2012 at 23:14

And we have a winner!!!!!!!

29.10.2012 - 06:20
Fat & Sassy!
What a nice listen! The production is a little thin for my liking, but I think that may be so to keep the accessibility and fun factor meters high. It's pretty catchy, but I am having a hard time shaking that No Doubt sound from some of the songs. I don't think it's intentional, but still.
You do you, brozzio.
29.10.2012 - 15:53
Sir Thrashalot
Written by Fat & Sassy! on 29.10.2012 at 06:20

It's pretty catchy, but I am having a hard time shaking that No Doubt sound from some of the songs. I don't think it's intentional, but still.

Thank you ! I thought I was crazy for a moment, sometimes it does sound like No Doubt for sure ah ha !
06.02.2013 - 09:31
Finally listened to this , great one .

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