Necrodeath - Ton(e)s Of Hate review


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Band: Necrodeath
Album: Ton(e)s Of Hate
Release date: September 2003

01. Mealy-Mouthed Hypocrisy
02. Perseverance Pays
03. Mark Of Dr. Z
04. The Flag
05. Queen Of Desire
06. Petition For Mercy
07. Last Ton(e)s Of Hate
08. Evidence From Beyond
09. Bloodstain Pattern

God, the cover of this Cd is hilarious! The doll with the lipstick, the psycho in the background with the scissors and the blindfold, just great! Really made me laugh, and as you might know by now, I'm a total cover art racist! I love a good cover art, I think it enhances the whole experience, don't ask me why, but I prefer listening albums with good covers, this qualify as a good cover? Well, is not the best one of the year but, it has it's appeal. Hmm that makes me wonder.. maybe I should do a "Annual best Cd cover award"… good idea. Hurray me.

Some sounds… whispers…bass enters the scene, some drums, guitar… and WHAM!!! Thrash attack! Wow, this is great, I'm back in the 80's when I had long hair (well, beginning to have long hair, I'm not that old)… (if you must know, in December I turn 25, don't forget to send me gifts), anyway, where I was? Ah yes, Thrash attack! You gotta love Thrash, one of the most ancient forms of extreme music, and Necrodeath are no amateurs in this affairs, this band was formed back in 1984, and this "Ton(e)s Of hate" is their fifth album, so we're dealing with pro's here. Watch out.

Necrodeath plays, as you might know by now, old school Trash Metal, reminiscent of those bay area bands, when USA was on top of the Heavy Metal food chain.
Ok, let's face it, Trash Metal is not an ever-changing genre, and the formula is pretty basic, but we still love it! Hearing Necrodeath is to listen classics like Slayer, Death Angel and Kreator.

The vocalist is has a pretty unique technique, I would dare to say that his voice is almost a shriek, not too deep to be Black Metal style, but enough "shrieky" to set it apart from any clean/screamed voice.

So, does this works? Yes it does, good tunes here, some better than other of course, but overall the hearing experience is fun, and that's what we're looking for, having a good time listening records. Just put "Petition For Mercy" or "Last Ton(e)s Of Hate" in your car stereo, too see how unconsciously you begin to accelerate without control!

Written by Undercraft | 17.03.2006


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