Vektor - Black Future
17 November 2009

01. Black Future
02. Oblivion
03. Destroying The Cosmos
04. Forests Of Legend
05. Hunger For Violence
06. Deoxyribonucleic Acid
07. Asteroid
08. Dark Nebula
09. Accelerating Universe

Yawn. Nothing here we haven't seen on Puppets Sell, But Who's Reigning? Exodus did all this way better 70 years ago. I say that because Vektor are beating the proverbial thrash metal horse to death.

Or are they?

I don't normally add reviews for albums that already have one. But I am going to make an exception for this album. For my money it is probably the best "revivalist thrash" has to offer. And there seems to be a lot of people who don't give new thrash groups much of a chance. Perhaps my chances of convincing this crowd Vektor kick substantial ass are about equal to the chances of laughing while watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory. But that won't stop me from trying.

Let's take a look at what we have here. Basically this album contains everything I could ask for from a good thrash release. Throughout the 9 songs the listener is subject to a blazing fast furious cacophony of technically inclined sci-fi themed thrash, occasionally slowing down without detracting from the progression of the songs. The instrumentation is godly, especially considering this is the group's first full-length, and the whole album is one showing of riff prowess after another, with just about the perfect amount of melodic inclination. If you can honestly say you don't enjoy the shit that is going into your ears the moment after the words "Accelerating Universe" are shrieked in the monumental closing track, then thrash is probably not the thing for you. Speaking of shrieking, the vocals are about the only thing on this album I could understand hate for. Personally, I am on the love side of the spectrum regarding those, they are just wicked cool and perfect for the feel of this record.

Of course Vektor will be accused of being a Voivod ripoff, but in all honesty I think these guys have carved out their own sound. Not only that, they have provided an impressive display of songwriting (13 minute thrash song that doesn't get boring!!!) accompanied by equally impressive yet not show-off-esque technique and musicianship. The production is great too, particularly the guitar tone. The perfect balance between audible, heavy, and a bit rough around the edges. At the end of the day, I can do nothing but commend this band for putting together a unique and highly enjoyable album.

So, why no number score? Well if you made it this far, I can safely say you are not illiterate (congratulations!) It should be obvious enough from reading this review that personally, I think quite highly of this album. Will you? Well, if you are to these newer thrash groups as the KKK is to black people, then as each glorious note from this fountain of thrash cascades upon your eardrums, you will probably will yourself not to like it. If not... Then you are in for a treat.

Band profile: Vektor
Album: Black Future


written by Mattybu | 17.08.2013

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This band rocked my world sometime in mid-February. I tried making some noise about their brilliant creation called Black Future but nothing less than a review will do justice to this thrash combo from Arizona. Vektor made an album that combines heaviness and melody in a new, fresh way. The dudes can shred (oh yes!), but it's not wankery. They can play beautiful acoustic passages and incorporate ambient breaks, and not for one second do they sound boring. They throw in prog and black, and their thrash is so natural and unpretentious, it's hard to believe. And the vocals… are… sick. David Disanto mixes classic black metal singing with some occasional unearthly high-pitched screams making his voice undeniably recognizable.

published 02.07.2010 | Comments (13)

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