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Band: Advent Sorrow
Album: Before The Dimming Light
Release date: July 2012

01. Before The Dimming Light
02. The Wraith In Silence
03. A Porcelain Mistress
04. Insidious Memories
05. Withered By Her Curse

When I first listened to this band (on Youtube) I thought they sounded very much like Carach Angren, another band that I greatly appreciate. But the songs on this short EP made me enjoy this band even more than any of the albums Carach Angren had made, and is one of the most prized items in my collection.

I bought this EP pretty much after the first listen to it (which may be a hint at how much I like it, or love it for that matter). It was also the album that introduced me to Bandcamp, which is one of the most visited websites for me now. I can highly recommend Bandcamp for those who want to support your bands.

Apart from doing some free advertising, I can also continue my review of this EP - what do you say?

When a band does very deep growls, have some black metal shrieks and combine an extreme metal style with symphonic elements, they will for sure get my attention. Advent Sorrow does this not just amazingly, but also striking me with awe for the pure epicness my ears go through when listening to every single song from this release. You may call it fanboying, but it's hard to control yourself when you're going to describe a "10" release.

To try to give you some information about the EP, there is a story taking place throughout it, detailing a murderer who's going to be executed. Each song tells about different things, like the source of his lunacy and paranoia, about his first victim, and the acceptance of his death. It's really an interesting story, both well-performed and something to think of. What is the reason for a man to become a murderer? What's his justification for his deeds? How did he become to be like this?

I maybe haven't explored enough of what kind of lyrics there is in black metal, but I do find this to be a unique subject indeed, and I really like when a band writes unique lyrics worth reading, that makes one think. Because I'm horrible at reading lyrics of songs (not because I'm bad at English, but because I don't find lyrical content that important), when a band makes me read their lyrics, it's truly an achievement they've done then.

To give you the sum of this review, it is said that the greatest of beauties can only be seen in a single moment, before it dies and disappears. I would say differently. I would say that Advent Sorrow, with this release, is the greatest of beauties.

Written by God of shadows | 21.11.2013


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21.11.2013 - 12:29
Seriously, a ten? Give Illnath's Cast into Fields Of Evil Pleasure a try. They deserve a twelve.
11.01.2014 - 00:44
Listening to it right now because of this review, and I must say it is REALLY good! Thank you!
11.01.2014 - 13:08
God of shadows
Written by InsaneMetal on 11.01.2014 at 00:44

Listening to it right now because of this review, and I must say it is REALLY good! Thank you!

I'm probably not the greatest reviewer out there, but I'm glad that my poorly written review made you check out, and enjoy, a great band. Cheers!
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