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Band: Totenmond
Album: Unter Knochen
Release date: February 2004

01. Intro
02. Unter Knochen
03. Permafrost
04. Zu Gast bei den Toten
05. Hirdraußaischheimad
06. Menschenfresser
07. Leuchtquell
08. Finster Mammut
09. Unkraut
10. Eiswalzer
11. Der Ich Parasit
12. Kreuz oder Kopf/Outro

I guess you're wondering how I could mix the genre like that?
Well, I really can't find another, better, way to describe what I just heard.
TotenmonD (strange name, but you know, German), plays this strange mix of music, the vocals reminds me of Death (sometimes Black) Metal grows and the music almost have a Doom Metal feeling (very little, but the guitar in the beginning on the titles track almost fooled me) and a hardcore feeling, and the same, disgusting, drum sound that Metallica have now.
Is it maybe Lars Ulrich on drums?

TotenmonD is a trio that hails from the southern Germany; "Unter Knochen" is their sixth release and their German-sung Metal Core (hmm, I would say that genre don't exist) has established them as a very fan rich band.
Founded back in 1986 as a punk band (named Wermut), changed to TotenmonD band in 1990, and have as I said earlier, released 5 albums before this one.

It's hard to describe the music in a way that everyone will understand, because of the use of Hardcore in the music, it's nothing that many Metal fans will listen to (So I guess their fans is from the Hardcore, Nu-Metal base).
And I said earlier that the beginning of the title track almost fooled me, that's because the first riffs (or whatever) that's played, is so very Doom like, that I almost believed that it was a Doom Metal band I was listening too. But that wasn't right, and now, after I listen to it sometimes, it's almost too bad that they aren't. Because those riff, is the best part of the whole record. But overall the record is very hard, Metal hard, but the Core is shining through.
And the cover is another good part, maybe not the finest, but still nice done.

So, if you're into Hardcore, and want something that's hard and growly but still have the hardcore feeling, check it up, this might be what you're looking for.
Growly vocals, Metallica alike drums and a mystic feeling over the whole record (Like the intro, that's just a fire that's burning and a scary female (!) way of singing, almost creepy).
Does it sound interesting? Really? Well, then you might appreciate it more then I do.

Favourite Songs: The first riffs in "Unter Knochen" is good, very good.

Written by Malcolm | 04.03.2004


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