Rain Delay - Slumber Recon
7 May 2011

01. The Medina Division Has Ceased To Exist
02. Falling Asleep In Real Time
03. Hummer Pierced Through The Central Square
04. Veneto Slumber Recon
05. Selena
06. Shiseido
07. Par ti, San Marco
08. Nothing... (The March Of Death) [Mourning Beloveth cover]

Strange, strong and unexpected. An esoteric tale with an almost experimental attitude. It's like riding a train of hope, fear, and inner speeches; an apologue with distinct elements of warm production and friendly ebullient themes. An open door to sentimental interludes and progressive ideas.

Creativity speaks mostly in rhythmic patterns, lyrics and somewhat peculiar warm distorted guitars here, accompanied with exotic vocals. High-pitched female shouts attached to the low deep male growls and it didn't just stop there; definitely a varied use of vocalists. Songs are mostly unpredictable in structure. Some odd time signatures here and there, fresh and vivid drum beats. Obviously not afraid of new realms, even featuring different languages in lyrics which makes the album concepts harder to comprehend. This makes Slumber Recon unique in the lyrics department. There are few well composed albums with different languages and this, for sure, demonstrates Rain Delay's courage and will to write what they think is the perfect fit, not imitating what others have done (and worked just fine in most cases).

Overall, this is a work of kindness and affection. Even in the most intense sections, it sounds merciful and compassionate (with the exception of "Hummer Pierced Through The Central Square"), the result of warm production and mixing plus intimate melodies. Slumber Recon is well arranged to listen and enjoy as a whole. In the end, the attentive listener will remember some distinct moments of songs and the meticulous audience will probably recall some strange words and phrases that will keep them curious. After all, the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 9

Band profile: Rain Delay
Album: Slumber Recon


written by SSM | 12.05.2014

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