Mortuary - Agony In Red review


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Band: Mortuary
Album: Agony In Red
Release date: 2002

01. Negative
02. Another Land To Conquer
03. Elimination
04. Agony In Red
05. Carnival Of The Lost Souls
06. Calvary
07. Exit
08. Fifteen Minutes
09. Televiolence
10. As I Lie Dying
11. Dynamite [Scorpions cover]

Mortuary is a band from France and I thought they were newcomers to the scene, but when I went to their website I found with surprise that they are around since 1990, and this is their third album, so we're dealing with some veterans here…

So what's the deal with Mortuary? Well, they play technical Death Metal with some Grindcore influences, very little, but there are some. Also you can notice some Thrash influences of the past [I've read that prior albums of Mortuary were Thrash], anyway to sum things up, this could be categorized as Brutal Technical Death Metal.

As soon as the CD starts you're in for a treat with "Chaosphonia/Negative" really great song, the first thing I noticed is that the drumming is insane! Totally out of this planet! Nice point there!

So many of you are thinking that Mortuary is another of those bands "lets-torn-your-brain-down-with-sonic-riffing-and-insane-drumming" well they're not, I mentioned that some Thrash influences were present, so here and then the songs slow down, like in "Fifteen Minutes", so don't worry you have both brutality and tranquil elements.

The CD goes on, and the initial surprise is gone, because after a few spins the CD becomes a little boring in some parts, some parts are too repetitive, and some songs go with the same riffing all over the place. There's a pleasant surprise at the end of the album, "Dynamite" a Scorpions song totally changed to the Mortuary style, to all of you that have listened the original song, and you like Death Metal, I'll bet that you're going to like this one too!

So if you like Old-style Death Metal, with some Thrash and Grindcore influences, get this one, I liked it, but it's really not my cup of tea, and it tends to get a little boring sometimes, although it had some good moments.

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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