Promaetheus Unbound - Puer review

Band: Promaetheus Unbound
Album: Puer
Release date: 2002

01. The Cannibal Naphidim
02. Dethroned
03. Astral Moonlight (At The Edge Of Reality)

First demo from the italian Promaeteus Unbound [monicker taken from a famous greek tragedy of Eschilus], we have here a 3 tracks MCD of a "first Cradle of Filth style" Black Metal, with heavy oriented guitars, varied drumming and vocals that range from a more growled style to a "squeaking door" screaming which reminds me to Dani Filth's vocal style. The production is not bad, we can hear all the instruments, played with skill but without any particular thecnicism, clearly and loud, but the vocals are, in my opinion, a bit too high and seems a little separated from the music.

The strong point of this demo is the variety of the songs, never too linked to a rigid scheme, but neither dispersive, and it is mainly possible thanx to a good drumming by Eshla, sometimes fast and pounding, sometimes more martial. The guitars of Synder and Nepesh plays some classical Black Metal riffing, but also some rithmic and "thrash" parts which give to the songs more impact power. Anyway, three songs of those are ok, but an entire album cuold result a bit boring.

As a demo, this is without doubt a good product even if we cannot see anything of really new, and this is maybe its greatest limit because in today's BM scene it is hard to emerge without new ideas, but, just as I said, this is only a demo. The future will tell.

Written by Sephiroth | 04.10.2003


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