Myrath - Legacy review


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Band: Myrath
Album: Legacy
Release date: February 2016

01. Jasmin
02. Believer
03. Get Your Freedom Back
04. Nobody's Lives
05. The Needle
06. Through Your Eyes
07. The Unburnt
08. I Want To Die
09. Duat
10. Endure The Silence
11. Storm Of Lies

I remember listening to the debut album of the Tunisian band in 2007 and thinking "I really want these guys to keep making music". I am so glad they still are. Ten years are almost behind us now and a lot has happened since then. The musicians moved to France and released a couple of follow-ups. Desert Call in 2010 had them hone their sound while Tales of the Sands really brought them to another level. With an unchanged lineup, Myrath are back with an ambitious album simply titled Legacy ("Myrath" means "Legacy" in Arabic).

The one thought that struck me right away is that this record is really going to please a wide array of listeners. While still retaining their progressive power base sound, the musicians of Myrath have created an even more accessible auditory experience. With a newfound infusion of melodic heavy, rock and to some extent pop music, they have crafted some really catchy tunes. On the downside, most tracks are probably too "radio-friendly" for purists of the genre. More than ever, their songs feature the traditional melodies and folk influences of Arabia. A string section from Tunisia is providing some great layering to the songs.

The duo of Malek Ben Arbia [guitars] and Elyes Bouchoucha [keyboards, vocals] continues to lead the charge while Anis Jouini [bass] and Morgan Berthet [drums] provide a solid rhythmic section. More than ever, singer Zaher Zorgatti is showcasing all of his talent. Most of the songs feature dramatic vocal performances that are sure to solidify him as one of the top performers in the genre. The combined hard work of Kevin Codfert [production], Fredrik Nordström [mixing], and Jens Brogen [mastering] has paid off. The sound quality is pristine.

It might be big adjustment for people expecting an all-out progressive power record. However, Myrath have matured in their songwriting to become a more versatile band. Like many prog groups before them, they have developed a more mainstream approach that suits their music like a glove. No longer confined to a pure progressive metal outfit, they have managed to unlock their full potential with Legacy.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 10


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19.03.2016 - 01:50
Solid review. I've listened to this release several times now. I too agree that it is quite radio friendly (Heck, I'm for Canada with the bastards NIckelback----I'll take these guys as the radio friendly grouup over them anyday....not that I even listen to the radio to begin with. HA!). One thing however, I can't help but feel there is a tonne of Kamelot influence in this. It can be quite distracting. I also get a lot of Symphony X (particularly their latest release). That being said, this is still a pretty neat album. Definitely not my favorite this year but nonetheless enjoyable.
22.03.2016 - 15:42
Written by MetalManic on 19.03.2016 at 01:50

One thing however, I can't help but feel there is a tonne of Kamelot influence in this. It can be quite distracting. I also get a lot of Symphony X (particularly their latest release).

If you listen to all their discography, you'll notice how their influences gradually shifted from Symphony-X toward Kamelot. That's probably why their sound is more accessible nowadays.

No doubt they are still big fans of Symphony-X and maybe even friends since they tour together. I imagine Malek Ben Arbia learning licks from Michael Romeo during backstage
26.03.2016 - 12:40
Having given this a very good listen, I cannot be anything but totally underwhelmed. I fully understand what they were going for here but they pretty much canned all of the progressiveness that was present in their prior albums.
There are a few really great tunes here "The Needle" for example, but I don't see myself playing this album very often compared to the rest of their discography. A 5 is about all I can rate this one.
07.07.2016 - 06:16
Perfect review, pretty much what every true fan of Myrath thought. But honestly, I was waiting for this day to come; don't get me wrong, I love power prog metal, But I really wanted to listen to their folk side. This album brought that to a whole new deep level, they really matured too which is good.

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