Casketgarden - This Corroded Soul Of Mine review


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Band: Casketgarden
Album: This Corroded Soul Of Mine
Release date: 2003

01. Human Corrosive Disease
02. I Witness
03. Grief 100%
04. Song Of Tears
05. The Day When Silence Died
06. Immortality Inc.
07. Non-Existent
08. 7th Sear
09. Widow Mother Earth
10. Across The Vast Ocean Of Time

Casketgarden is a fast and aggressive melodic death metal band from Hungary. Another time Metal Age found a really good and impressive metal band in the European eastern countries. After 2 demo and a promo cd, "This Corroded Soul Of Mine" the new full length album come across the world to show us that the melodic death metal is not only a speciality of Swedish musicians. Because yes, this Hungarian combo doesn't have anything to envy to their Nordics counterparts.

After the disbands of "At The Gates" and "Carcass" only bands like "The Crown" worked in the more aggressive part of Melodic Death metal. It was true until today, but now we should not forget anymore this excellent combo: "Casketgarden".
Their first album "This Corroded Soul Of Mine" is a real good surprise, I must say that, because for a first album, this is a just a total success.
For the production, nothing to say, another time the great studio Denever and the producer Zoltàn Cserfalvi made an excellent work. The sound is excellent, very well mixed. All the instruments and the voice of Istvan Csech are very audible, this is the kind of sound that I like to listen, perfect. Same thing for the artwork of the booklet, Metal Age don't do half things.
For the music, "This Corroded Soul Of Mine" is a great album; all the songs are very well composed very catchy. This is very aggressive, very fast, but yet very melodic. "At The Gates" and "Carcass" are their first influences, well, we recover their influences in big parts of their music for the fast rhythms and the brutal side of the music. But I must be very clear, "Casketgarden" is not a vulgar clone of their elders, it's true they do music very alike but is not a copy, they are just in the same way with the same taste for the music.
At the end, "This Corroded Soul Of Mine" could be "the" surprise of the year 2003, in the melodic Death metal scene. Because these guys are great, they know their music and their instruments, and this first album for my parts is just a masterpiece. This is the kind of album that all Death metal lovers must have in their personal, discography, and really even the fact that is not very new [as I say before they are in the same way that "The Crown" and co.] "This Corroded Soul Of Mine" is the perfect production.

To sum up I will recommend this excellent album for all the fans of metal, particularly for these who like melodic death metal. "Casketgarden" must be a name that you must know now, this is a great band and if there are a lot of bands like that in the Est of Europe then I'm sure that they will be a lot of good surprises in the next coming years.
"This Corroded Soul Of Mine" is a must have. Definitely "Casketgarden" is a new "At the Gates" and they could be a new leader of the melodic Death Metal scene.

Written by Jeff | 06.12.2003


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