Aegirson - Requiem Tenebrae review

Band: Aegirson
Album: Requiem Tenebrae
Release date: January 2004

01. Escape
02. Terra Incongnita
03. Queen Of The Desert
04. Forsaken
05. Behind The Gates OF Hell
06. Not The End
07. Awaiting Deliverance
08. Depth
09. Depth
10. Lost In Fairyland
11. Wolve's Leader
12. Aelin Amarth

After two MCD ["Inside" 1997 and "Dark Chapters"], "Aegirson" come now with their first album, through Thundering Records, "Requiem Tenebrae". "Aegirson" is a real innovative band that uses to play a very good mix of Heavy, Death/Black, Gothic and Symphonic music. You certainly understand that is not very easy to classify this young French band due to the great complexity of their music… With Death/Black voices and an excellent symphonic female sing, we could say that "Aegirson" is just a Dark Metal band, but what a good band…

This first real album is a good one for sure, some points are not perfect, but in general the quality of this cd is more than correct. As I say before in my introduction, it's very hard to classify "Aegirson" because the band uses a lot of ways and musical inspirations in its music.
For the music, we can say that the band takes its inspiration in the Heavy Metal of the 80's; very melodic and powerful [we are near of old "Therion" for example]. The voices sound sometime Death, sometime Black, are sometime murmured and with that, we must add the beautiful and excellent female vocals of the singer.
The songs are good but sometime unequal, we can feel that is just their first album, and feel that some tracks are older than others…
By the way, the sadness of the album and the beautiful lyrics of that story ["Requiem Tenebrae" is a concept album] are great… The guys of "Aegirson" know how to give true sensations and at the end it's very easy to be touch by this cd. A real good work for that.

If I must talk about the problem of that album, I can't ignore the bad sound, then ok it's not very bad but sound not to good too, and it's a pity because it's not too professional, if for me it's not very a big deal well I'm afraid that this album can't cross the frontier of a big number of countries and that, this is the real shame. Because this band must be know….
On the other hand, the production of the cd [except the sound…] is good and damn what a great cover and artwork… Woaw! For that, guys, I must only say that we have a band which have a very good artistic taste…. Bravo !!!

"Requiem Tenebrae" is a very good album of Metal, then ok the band need maybe a bit more of maturity for the construction of their songs, and some better recording conditions but at the end we have a very good cd and a promising French band again. Please guys take a minute to listen that band, I'm sure that you could be surprised by it. For my part, I'm already waiting their next production, I'm sure that we could have a very good surprise…

Written by Jeff | 10.03.2004


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