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Band: Eremit
Album: Carrier Of Weight
Release date: February 2019

01. Dry Land
02. Froth Is Beckoning
03. Cocoon Of Soul

Colossal. Monolithic. Thick. Crushing. How many times have you seen adjectives like these used to describe the sound of bands that belong to the more extreme end of the doom metal spectrum? And how many of those bands actually deserved it? Doom/sludge lovers, metalheads fascinated by earthquake-inducing tone and obscene heaviness, I present to you Eremit's debut or, in other words, a wrecking ball dressed up as music.

First of all, Eremit is a concept band in the sense that they are continuously telling a story and each track represents a single chapter of this larger tale. Carrier Of Weight has three tracks and therefore the first three chapters of this story and is accompanied by a little book, or "Pamphlet" as they call it, that contains not just the lyrics but the fully written account of the events taking place in the album. The protagonist is a lonesome hermit (or "eremit" in German) who is sailing across a seemingly endless ocean so, while the music is working perfectly on its own, those who want to dig deeper and enjoy dystopian fantasy or sci-fi adventures can discover a whole world to explore, for which the music is a fitting soundtrack.

The way the songs are structured and performed results in the album going on for what seems like forever, but this is exactly why you can so easily get completely absorbed by it. Or swallowed. Throughout its 68-minute runtime Carrier Of Weight makes you feel like there is absolutely nothing else in the world that matters, apart from the brooding atmosphere and the earth-shattering riffs.

The slow, glacial pace of each riff, the darkly deep, abyssal vocals and the punishing hitting of the drums, as if each drum beat is the last thing that will be heard in this world, bring huge waves of sludgy doom metal crashing against the cliffs that are your eardrums. This picture is portrayed in the album art by Mariusz Lewandowski and it is as breathtaking as was his work for Bell Witch's Mirror Reaper.

Eremit haven't got a bass player in their lineup and they did not use bass at all while recording this album. They've used two guitars instead to fully develop one basic idea in each track, with distortion strong enough to move mountains, clean melodies creating a hypnotic, semi-conscious ambience and some rarely used faster chugging that serves the purpose of intensifying the uneasy suspense. If you are looking for a band to compare them with, consider Moss with their mammoth-sized, droney, repetitive, truck-crashed-in-your-face songs.

Eremit seem to have already recorded their second album and are in the process of writing the third! Needless to say that I can't wait for the follow-up of what is clearly for me an early debut album of the year contender.

"Doomed to sail the sea…"


Written on 06.03.2019 by I was into this music when you were still in diapers.


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06.03.2019 - 19:57
I hoped id get to listen to it before you published this but seeing the length of the tracks kinda postponed it. I guess it's fucking time to get bulldozered
Take off those stupid glasses and kiss me
06.03.2019 - 20:12
Old Nick
Written by RaduP on 06.03.2019 at 19:57

I hoped id get to listen to it before you published this but seeing the length of the tracks kinda postponed it. I guess it's fucking time to get bulldozered

You need to listen to it with headphones and let it sweep you away.
06.03.2019 - 22:04
Bad English
Intro part your country mate from patras erote such revievs, methsphoric poertic mud 90s gothic and doom
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
07.03.2019 - 14:46
If this year's Fange and Primitive Man releases didn't exist, this would be the heaviest thing all year.
Take off those stupid glasses and kiss me

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