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Band: Heimdall
Album: Hard As Iron
Release date: May 2004

01. Hard as Iron
02. Midnight
03. Moon - Red Light
04. Black Tower
05. Cold
06. The Emperor
07. Dark Home
08. Black Heaven
09. Holy Night
10. Hollow Planet [Japanese bonus]

This can be a tricky one for Scandinavians, because there is a racist band named Heimdal around here, and many peoples going on mixing this two bands together. But now after reading this, I hope you'll see a difference between the bands.
Because Heimdall plays Epic Power Metal not some kind of disgusting racist music.

Heimdall was formed back in 1994 when Fabio & Nicolas Calluori (Guitars & Drums), and after some changes the other three places is filled, Giovanni Canu (Bass), Carmelo Claps (Guitars) & Claudio Gallo (Vocals).
They recorded a demo in 1997 that got very good critics from the metal press and that also gave them a chance to sign with Elevate Records.
And then, in May 1998 Heimdall recorded their debut album, "Lord of the Sky", a concept album about the Nordic god Heimdall.
The album becomes a success, many magazines rank it high and Heimdall also get licenses in Japan.
In the same time keyboarder Sergio Duccilli joins.
And in 1999 Nicola quits because of personal reasons and a new drummer is announced, Ottavio Amato, and with him they recorded their second album, "The Temple of Theli".
Then came the second jump-off, now it's the singer, Gallo, that's quitted, and a new singer was found in 2001, Giacomo Mercaldo, and the year after cd no.3 was recorded, "The Almighty", they first on their contract with Scarlet Records. And back behind the drums was Nicola Calluori.
But the happiness was short, before the forth album was recorded, Nicola left again, and Giovanni's brother, Enrico Canu joined and "Hard as Iron" was recorded and it's now released too.

It's said that the third time is the time, but for Heimdall I must say that they forth is the time when they finally created something that's worthy a breakthrough, because "Hard as Iron" is a Epic star, a wonderful album that's really worth every penny you'll give for it.
I can't remember the last time I had such a pleasure listening to a whole album as I had when going through "Hard as Iron", it's marvellous.

The album contains 10 songs (1 Japanese Bonus, 2 Ballads) and what songs there is, each and every one of them is worth kill for.
Believe me, after over 10 listenings I know this is good enough to conquer with the really big bands.
With right doze of Helloween, Iron Maiden and Epic Power, Heimdall have created their best album ever, and one of the best albums this year.

As already mention, this is the second album with the singer Mercaldo, and I have hard to believe this is the same singer, because I heard their third album "The Almighty" a few times and I don't like it, and I really dislike the singer, but here he has a wonderful voice.
So my guess is that he has been working really hard to improve his voice and I have to say that he have successfully done it too.

So I really recommend this album to fans that wants Powerful and Epic Metal hymns that you will sing along with, and music you will be hum to all day long.
This is a gift to all of us, so make sure you'll get this piece, I'm sure you'll like it as much as I do.

Favourite Songs: Everyone, but "Hard as Iron", "Black Heaven" & "Holy Night" makes me shiver.

Written by Malcolm | 06.06.2004


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