Inborn Suffering - Demo 2005 review


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Band: Inborn Suffering
Album: Demo 2005
Release date: 2005

01. Monolith
02. As I Close My Eyes
03. Inborn Suffering

This period many French underground acts and bands that become stronger with time manage to catch my attention and make me enjoy their music more and more! Is it just me or is the French scene pretty much awesome and quite a big rising force in terms of black and doom metal?

One of those bands is definitely Inborn Suffering, and they move in melodic and utterly mournful doom/death metal soundscapes. One of their members is Stephane, some of you may know him from the folk-oriented and haunting doom/death metal act named Ningizzia, a band he's into with Forest Of Shadows' Niclas Frohagen, and Loic is a member of the French pagan metal band Heol Telwenn, so this can be a clue of the quality doom metal you must expect from Inborn Suffering, a band that manages to show to the world that their name fits perfectly with their music. The very positive thing is that they are trying to offer something personal, copying not the sound of some other band.

During 2005 they released their first demo, "Demo 2005", in which lie 3 tunes of desolate beauty that won't leave the doom/death metal audience disappointed for sure. The guitars have that wailing floating sound we all adore, unfolding melancholic emotions deep in the heart and soul of the listener, with the riffing flowing like a dirging melody of the night and the acoustic passages adorning the overall soundscape with their serene yet always doleful ideas. The vocals are just awesome! Whether they are deep and expressive grunts, wailing recites or more chanting vocal passages lending a more epic approach to the sound of Inborn Suffering, they give life to the afflicted lyrics in the most appropriate way. As for the rhythm section and the floating keyboard melodies, their appearance is vivid, but the production is not the best and that's why we can't hear them clearly in the final mix of the demo. Apart for the production factor, everything seems great! The songs are well-conceived, inspired and above all well-executed, keeping the interest of the listener to high levels.

"Monolith" has to be one of the most depressive doom metal songs I heard for some time now, esoteric, powerful and utterly inspired, followed by an ode to depression, the beautifully melancholic "As I Close My Eyes" and then "Inborn Suffering" starts echoing in order to fill our souls with doom and end the demo in the most appropriate way.

"Demo 2005" is a wonderful release with the only fault being the production, not such a big fault when it comes to underground doom metal though. While waiting for the forth-coming and long-awaited debut album of Inborn Suffering, the three compositions of their demo will keep on accompanying me for some time...


Written on 02.02.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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