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Band: Human Temple
Album: Insomnia
Release date: June 2004

01. I'm Sorry
02. Goin' All The Way
03. Dream Child
04. Out Of Love
05. Desert Rain
06. Animal
07. Walk Between The Shadows
08. Judas My Brother
09. On A Night Like This
10. Till' The Day I Die
11. Forever
12. My Global Mind [Japanese bonus]

Human Temple is showing us that Finland isn't only about depressive and power music, it's also about Melodic Hardrock, and then how they do it, Oh holy god in heaven, this is without doubt one of the best Hardrock album of the year, it's simply, fantastic.

Jani Hurme [Vocals] and Petri Lehto [Drums] formed their first band back in 1986, in Turku, Finland, and that was also the start for what should be Human Temple.
After playing together in various bands, Jani in 1995 got a chance to sing different kind of music, and he took it, and became one of the more popular pop/schlager singers in Finland, but the passion for harder music never died, so in 1998 he formed Human Temple with his old friend Petri and the rest of the band, Jari Salo [Guitars, Vocals], Tony Green [Keyboards, Vocals] and Harri Kinnunen [Bass].
In 2002 the first demo was recorded and was response was very positive, both from labels and fans.
And in early 2003, the band started to record what should be their debut album, with guitarist Jari handling the production.
A few guests were invited, and no other than Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish), Jari Liimatainen (Sonata Arctica) and Erkka Korhonen (Urban Tale) did some solos on one song each.
And then in 2004, February the album was mastered in Finnvox and in March the band signed with MTM that's released the album on the 21st of June.

As I said, the album is a killer, it was over two years ago I had this creepy feeling under my skin when listening to a Hardrock album (that time it was Token's debut, "Tomorrowland"), and now it's time again.
When starting the album for the first time, and the song "I'm Sorry" starts rolling, I'm very surprised, I didn't expect that this should sound so good as it did, the song is a very well written Hardrock song, a perfect starter, and it's one of the best on the album too.
Following "Goin' All the Way" is good too, not as the first but still one of the best (It's also the first song with a guest on, Erkka from Urban Tale).
Then the album is falling down a bit, sure songs like "Dream Child", "Out of Love", "Desert Rain", "Animal" and "Walk Between the Shadows" is good, but it can match what the first two. ("Animal" is where Jari from Sonata guests).

Then comes the next blast, the eight song, "Judas My Brother", Oh my god, this is a killer, absolutely the best one on the album. With a very slow and silent intro, a heavy part follows with the most used riffs ever, but I don't care, because it's sounds wonderful. And then the songs evolve to something perfect, a perfect Hardrock song.
After such a song, it's hard not to smile, even if its there's no one close and nothing to smile to.
The songs after are good, there are not bad songs here, but of course, they can't match "the three" in any way, but it's not needed.
Following songs, "On a Night Like This", "Till' the Day I Die" and "Forever", are the last one the ballad (must have one, right?) and the middle one, where Emppu (Nighwish" guests.
But as mention, it's nothing against "the three".

So overall: this is surely one of the best Hardrock albums of the year, I doubt that we'll get anything better, even if Token is releasing a new one too (review will soon be available).
So this is something you must have in your collection is you like Melodic Hardrock (and AOR), it's simply a killer in the genre.

Check Out: "I'm Sorry", "Goin' All the Way" & "Judas My Brother".

Written by Malcolm | 23.06.2004



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06.08.2010 - 09:02
I came across these guys tracing Jani's work trying to listen to a new band that has that special somethinh you know like Altaria, melodic but not overdoing it and still keeping that heavy ness, while the vocalist doesnt sound like theyre pinching his balls, nevertheless can hit those notes right at the precise moment, and well These guys are just like that, man youre right I got a smile as I type and listen to them, The only complain I have is that sometimes the lyrics get too emotional for my taste, but other than that fuck dude great review, you should do the other albums, and in a certain way Thanks. This hits the spot

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