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Band: Crossfade
Album: White On Blue
Release date: 2004

01. The Day The Music Died
02. Did You Really?
03. Vanity Fair
04. Flying
05. A Deeper Shade Of Love
06. Thorns Of Life
07. Loving Eyes
08. Time
09. Don't Really Matter
10. You

I can assure you that this is the farest from Metal I ever reviewed, and I'm pretty sure that it won't happen again this year, that I review something like this.
But once and a time, this kind of albums drops down, and even is we are a Metal site, and this is closer to pop than Metal, it's going to end up here, because of the singer.

But anyway, let's focus now, shall we? And give our self to the world of Crossfade for a while.
Even if the music is West Coast/AOR (near Pop), it's an old Hardrock singer behind the mic, Göran Edman (ex- Yngwie Malmsteen, Streetalk), and that's the reason I talked about.

But Göran isn't the only famous guy in the band, together with Per Lindvall (Drums, ex- ABBA, Michael Ruff, A-Ha), Per's brother Sven Lindvall (Bass, A-Ha), Lars Hallbäck (Guitars), Richard Stenström (Keyboards) & Pablo Cependa (Production, Conga/Bongo), he is Crossfade.
And as you can see, many of them have played with larger pop bands in Scandinavia, so it's not hard to see where from the popish influence come from.

"White on Blue" contains 10 songs, all in the vain of poppier West Coast/AOR, soft music with other words, and I think people that aren't resistible against poppy AOR can get hard to like this, because you'll need some kind of "defence" against it.
But for real fans of this, it's said to be the best west coast album of all times, that's saying a lot.

I'm not saying that I don't like it, because I can find some joy in it, but then I'm quite much for Eighties Hardrock, Hardrock, AOR and stuff too.
But in general the album is way to cheesy (poppy) even for me, but it's enjoyable, in some particular moments, when harder music isn't anything to prefer (times when you need a break from Metal).

So I'm really recommend this album to people that likes this poppier kind of AOR, because this might be the best album ever released.
But for die-hard Metal fans, that can't stand softer music, you'll just go one and live you life without thinking of this anymore, because this is totally the wrong league for you!

Check Out: "A Deeper Shade of Love" & "Don't Really Matter".

Written by Malcolm | 14.07.2004



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30.11.2009 - 18:41
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Is this the same crossfade that sings "cold" or "so far away"
Checkout my band here!
29.05.2011 - 02:39
Written by Boxcar Willy on 30.11.2009 at 18:41

Is this the same crossfade that sings "cold" or "so far away"

No, seems this: . And the information on MetalStorm about the members of this band is wrong.
22.08.2011 - 03:52
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Checkout my band here!
28.11.2011 - 17:16
Ugh, I tried to listen to this album. I'm generally very open-minded, but this one sounds like Backstreet Boys or Take That or something (I'm not very sure though, because it's been since my teenage-years when I last listened to such things). I couldn't bare it until to the midpoint of the 2nd song. Ugh..

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