Wackmobil - Creviced review

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Band: Wackmobil
Album: Creviced
Release date: 2004

01. WMB
02. Try Smiling
03. Relieve
04. Shelter
05. Big A

Wackmobil is first of totally four albums from the Dutch label The Electric Co that I'll review here in a near future.
"Creviced" is their second Demo, or MCD if you so want, but this time it's released for real through The Electric Co.
The music will appeal to the Alternative/Nu-Metal/Crossover audience, and I have hard to see that fans of, for example Heavy/Death/Doom would find any joy in this.

The Wackmobil story started already back in 2000, but it wasn't before 2002 something really happened.
The music is essentially Nu-Metal but with some other influences from bands like Sepultura (they were actually called "Sepultura with chanting angels" once).
In 2003 they released their first demo "Phimosis"
This second one was recorded in February and released in May.

The album contains just 5 songs and has a playing time over 20 minutes, that's strong.
First out is "WMB", where you'll hear right away what you have to expect, Nu-Metal with some different influences (This is no Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit shit), you'll also hear if this is anything for you or not.
With a scream and some heavy guitars the songs gets started, "WMB" is actually a quite decent song (in my ears) for being this kind of music. The singer has very metal inspired clean voice, and if he skipped all the other ways of singings he would be much more appreciated by me. Musically "WMB" is a mid paced song with just small turn-ups.

Second out is "Try Smiling", the worst song, here the singer sounds like Serj Tankin (SoaD) but without Serj's ridiculous accent. Musically it's very alike the first one, almost mid paced, but this one is a little faster, but the tempo in general is a little to slow for being called anything else than mid paced.
The third song "Relieve" is the shortest of them all (3:27), but in the intro the guitars are very heavy, and the song in general is actually quite good, much like the first song, mid paced with much heavy guitars and clean vocals, the Serj-voice is gone, luckily.

"Shelter" is the fourth song starts with some bass riffs and some guitar riffs follow. Once again it's clean vocals, quite much Metal inspired, but here you'll get the screamy vocals back, and I don't like 'em a bit. The song in general is ok, but here I starting to get the feeling that I head it all before, and that's not a good sign.
The last song "Big A" is a long one, at least compare with the other four, it clocks in on 6:00.
"Big A" is a slow song in the beginning, but just a short while, the heavy guitars (I'm starting to like the heaviness in them) comes and the song is back in the usual Wackmobil tempo that we heard in each and every song.

So conclude this I'll say that this is not the usual Nu-Metal we got today, but sure, even Nu-Metal will develop, and I guess this is some kind of development between the more commercial music and our beloveth Metal.
I'm not that fond of this, and it will not be played much more in my stereo after this review is published, but I think that fans of the more Metal inspired Nu-Metal (with clean vocals) have a big chance to like this.

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Written by Malcolm | 29.11.2004


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