Bathtub Shitter - Lifetime Shitlist review


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Band: Bathtub Shitter
Album: Lifetime Shitlist
Release date: 2003

01. Sea Of Filth
02. Fuck Hip Raper
03. What Color Is Yours
04. Control Of Own Hole
05. Sausage For Souse
06. One One One
07. Fireworks
08. No Stayer
09. Be Shatter Proof
10. Meaningful Parade
11. Lifetime Shitlist
12. Escapism To Refresh
13. Hot Shit Hits Maximum
14. Holy Song For You

This is the first Japanese Grindcore band I hear in my life, and believe me after this rush, I'll be getting more Grindcore bands from this country for sure.

4 Japanese guys rocking out loud is something you don't see everyday, at least not with this energy (Yes I've seen the girls in Kill Bill…they suck), the album is really astonishing, the riffing is Brutal and Catchy at the same time, the Lyrics are really stupid, the music is really tight, the drumming is varied and the vocal work is really fucking odd; What else do you want man, A really hot naked chick running passionately in your room? Well that's not going to happen, at least not right now, but believe me you'll forget about naked women while you hear this album, and by the time this album ends you'll be really satisfied.

The songs are impressive, most of the time you'll find yourself head-banging madly; in some parts you'll be saying "Wow…this music is really cool…DAMN I think I just crapped my pants", now, the music is not as brutal as some other bands (I'm thinking of Torsofuck right now), we can appreciate this fact with the vocal work, we hear two vocalists in this release, the first type is really low, brutal and mainly cool, but the other type is high-pitched, girly and even annoying, that high-pitched type eliminates some grades of Brutality and gives the band some Hardcore overtones. Don't get me wrong, both vocals are cool and actually the music sounds more experimental, but a little less of the high-pitched screams would have been nicer.

The best thing of this album is hearing tracks like "Meaningful Parade", with awesome Brutal edges and incredible music (The main riff in this 10th track is the best I've heard in many years), more guttural vocals and less of the high-pitched ones, this tracks makes this album a masterpiece. There are some other really good tracks with awesome technical shifts (Melodies, Acoustic Intros and all that yummy stuff), now this feature adds experimentation and surprises to the music, so another high point added to "Lifetime Shitlist".

This Grindcore band is really astonishing; I am very pleased with the music. But the line between brutality and technicality is really thin here, so don't expect the most brutal band in the world, instead, be prepared for a really rushing experience with one of the greatest Grindcore bands Japan can offer.

Written by Herzebeth | 20.08.2005


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