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Morgoth - Odium review


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Band: Morgoth
Album: Odium
Release date: May 1993

01. Resistance
02. The Art Of Sinking
03. Submission
04. Under The Surface
05. Drowning Sun
06. War Inside
07. Golden Age
08. Odium

Morgoth… A name forgotten by most, until recently. I didn't knew them myself, until Century Media released a best-of. So I decided to give this band a try and I found this album, Odium.
First listening, I was already in love with it. And now… no day without at least a Morgoth song (guess it's hopeless now).
So this review for you… First of all I must warm you that Century Media doesn't press it anymore (I hope this will change in the future…), so you'll have difficulties just to find it. There are three songs from this album on the best of ("Resistance", "Under The Surface" and "Drowning Sun").

And now, about the music. Odium is a death metal album. But not a classic one. First, it's not your typical American death sound (logical, you'll say, cause they're from Germany). Next, the band wanted to mix to their death metal some industrial sounds and grooves. And so, the result is quite atypical, in fact unique at the time it was registered.
The emphasis on the drums, their strange and sometimes surprising sounds and blasts can be unsettling at first. Sometimes, you'll swear you heard industrial blasts (end of "War Inside"). The sound of guitars is also quite unique : warm and gritty at the same time, switching brutally to a cold industrial (again ! what a surprise) sound, and then back to that warm feeling. All this experimentations do not corrupt the complex, convoluting death song-writing, I really think their reinforce it. In fact, I really like this sound and the feeling it creates.

So, if you like pure old school death metal, this album this probably not for you. On the other hand, if you're open-minded, if you like Indus and/or Death Metal, give a try to Odium… you won't be disappointed!

Highlights : All ! In particular "Under The Surface", "War Inside", "Golden Age", "Odium"

Written by Darkside Momo | 02.05.2005


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19.09.2007 - 03:27
Ah, didn't thought Morgoth was featured until I made a search. I didn't listen to Odium that much (I prefer the 2 EPs and Cursed) but I'll try giving it more chance now
19.09.2007 - 19:39
Darkside Momo
For sure they are more straight, old school death metal. Cursed is really good, that's for sure, but I suppose you'll really like Odium only if you like this industrial felling...

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