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Naamah - Resensement review


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Band: Naamah
Album: Resensement
Release date: April 2004

01. Daydream Part One
02. Severed
03. Not For You
04. Subsistance
05. Red Light
06. Alright
07. Daydream Part Two
08. Subsistance [polish version] [bonus]
09. Twoja [piano version] [bonus]

From Goth to Prog

Last time I checked out Naamah was a Polish Gothic Metal band very reminiscent of Nightwish, you know, catchy, easy tunes and operatic female vocals. "Ultima" is the name of the album I'm referring to. It was Gothic metal, I swear! So why this new effort from these guys is so different?

Definitively, they decided the Gothic Metal moniker was getting too old in the scene, is not strange anymore woman-fronted Metal bands, and almost 90% of Gothic bands have women on their ranks. I assume they reunited and discussed the future of the band, because "Ultima" was good, but nothing memorable.

As a result the band presented "Resensement" an album that definitively changes the direction of the band, because this is pure progressive Metal, female-fronted of course.
Intricate compositions and complex song writing could be a way to define this, you won't get it on the first spin, even not in the second, but eventually, if you really appreciate music, you'll get it, trust me.

The vocals! Wow that is without a doubt, the biggest improvement of the band, I don't really know if they're still with the same vocalist, but nevertheless, this one really know how to do his job, she can mould her voice depending of the mood of the song, she can sound tranquil and aggressive, even mysterious or melancholic, she has a great voice.

The album has a lot of great moments, like the emotive guitar solo in "Severed" or the excellent bass work on "Not For You". Subsistance" is a song that relies on modern touches like effects and electro samples. "Daydream Part Two" is a song clocking more than 10 minutes, but still manages to keep you entertained with the mix of electronica (sort of minimal techno and IDM) & Progressive Metal. Quite a achievement.

Naamah hit the jackpot with their change of direction, I see the band much more orientated towards their thing, and I'm sure next album is going to be much better than this one and it will be commented all over. So check out and stay tuned for Naamah, Progressive Metal from Poland.

Written by Undercraft | 24.08.2005


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