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Band: Gorilla Monsoon
Album: Damage King
Release date: March 2006

01. Declaration Of Damnation
02. Delay Priest
03. Night Of The Wolverine
04. Damage King
05. Final Salvation
06. Down Song
07. Death Revolution
08. Law 'N Order
09. War Of The Whimps
10. Heavier Than Europe

Take some Doom, add some Stoner and some Sludge mix it and you get Gorilla Monsoon, a newcomer made in Germany. "Damage King" is the first album of this promising band that signed lately a deal with the German label Armageddon Music. If they're not really revolutionary, I must say that they're promising so if you like these different music, you'll probably like their first album.

Except the introduction, with its slow tempo, I cannot say that "Damage King" is a pure album of classic Doom Metal. Actually, I can't deny that the songs have some Doom musical orientation but at the end, Gorilla Monsoon is probably more into the Stoner and Sludge category. "Damage King" isn't really outstanding, I mean that I didn't find some real killer songs but at least, in general it's pleasant to listen to this CD. Plus, the mix between those different music, those different inspirations are good and innovative. Ho no, I don't say that Gorilla Monsoon is a precursor, but it's not so common to find these kind of musical combos.

But well, let's talk about the music now. First I must say that it is "groovy". I don't really know how to explain it but there is a real Rock "n" Roll spirit in this release and it's clearly hard to resist to the temptation of the "headbang". This is probably the Stoner aspect of the music that gives this feeling, in general the tempo is fast (with some slow breaks, that's right) and the songs are entertaining. To sum up, don't expect some funeral Doom but a music oriented toward the Rock music direction.
All is not perfect, the voice of the singer for example isn't really spectacular but it maybe comes from the mixing, I don't know. Though, this is a bit linear and there are not a lot of surprises after the second track but well it works so I won't complain anymore.

"Damage King" is maybe not a mega surprise but at least, it's a solid album. The fans of the style will like it I'm sure and above all, it's a good proof that we will have to remember the name of this promising combo. This is a good debut, now let's see what they will be able to do later…

Written by Jeff | 25.04.2006



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just found this album on spotify and am definitely digging it. nice stoney groove going on.
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