Golgotha - New Life review


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Band: Golgotha
Album: New Life
Release date: 2006

01. Forever Gone
02. Never, Never Again
03. Trapped In Two Worlds
04. Repentance
05. I Am Lost
06. Broken Emotions
07. Need You
08. New Life
09. Knife Edge [Emerson Lake & Palmer cover]
10. Lake Of Memories [2005 version]

After a long break of 8 years, the Doom Death Metal act from Spain, Golgotha, is back. With this band, even if we're talking about Doom Death, don't expect something slow a la My Dying Bride because actually Golgotha plays a "fast" Doom Metal. Bewteen, Gothic, Death and Doom, "New Life" is a really good album, easily enjoyable by all the ones who love those different Metal music and I'm sure that a lot of you will discover a nice and interesting band.

"New Life" is f or sure, an album of Doom Death Metal but it's not slow. Actually I could even compare it to Paradise Lost during the "Shades Of God" - Icon" period but evidently, there are also a lot of Doom Metal influences in the music of the band. For example the riffs are extremely loud and heavy, really insistent, yeah that's the mark of Doom Metal. But on the other hand it's not a pure Doom Death, and Golgotha plays music a bit more "Heavy" in the spirit.

With ten tracks and 45 minutes of really good music, Golgotha proves that its come back isn't a bad thing. The songs are good and catchy, the compositions are complex, melodic but also heavy and aggressive and the quality of the songs doesn't suffer of any real problems. Plus the musicians are talented, especially the singer with his great strong Death voice. The production is also really good and the recording is really pure and nice. Actually, it's really hard for me to find something wrong on this CD, the 10 songs are just good and my only problem actually comes from the fact that it is a bit "fast" for Doom (evidently, don't understand that I'm saying that Doom must be slow in any way). Plus when I see their structure I'm even sure that the songs could work with a slow tempo and maybe that it could be better, I don't know…

Well well, if you're a fan of Doom Metal and aren't disturbed by fast tempos, you must try to find and listen to "New Life" because I'm quite sure that you'll like it. The return of this band is a good thing, and I' m happy that Metal Age produced this CD, they deserve it…

Written by Jeff | 25.04.2006


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