Katatonia - Deliberation review


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Band: Katatonia
Album: Deliberation
Release date: May 2006

01. Deliberation
02. In The White [urban dub mix version]
03. Code Against The Code
+ Deliberation [video]

After "My Twin", this is now the turn of the song "Deliberation" to become the new single of the Swedish band Katatonia. Well my first feeling, to be honest, is that Katatonia seems to want to do a lot of "promotion" for their last release "The Great Cold Distance" and I don't know what, I think that it is just a bit more a financial aspect than an artistic one. The proof is with this new single, "Deliberation" that will not give anything special to the fans unfortunately.

So ok, there are however some good things on this CD. First, if you like Travis Smith artworks, and wanna do a nice collection of all the digi-packs and great albums covers that we got with "The Great Cold Distance", you will have to buy this single. Classy as hell, the production of this Cd is really great. Also, we have a really good and original video of "Deliberation" and a new original song, "Code Againsnt The Code". This song is good and maybe even better than some of the average songs of "The Great Cold Distance" but it's not something exceptional too. I mean that it is a bit repetitive even if the melody and the strong bass lines are interesting, it's a bit boring at the end. It's just nothing special…

On the other hand, as a single, I don't think that "Deliberation" was a good choice. Some songs like "In The White" (I will not talk about the "dub" remix that we have on this single and that doesn't give a lot of new things) or "Soil's Song" (probably the best song of the album) were probably better. But though, "Deliberation" is a really good song so even if it wasn't the best choice, it's not the worst too but it doesn't deserve a real single version in my opinion.

What can I add here? Well, this single is not bad but not something essential too, except if you're a real addicted to Katatonia and want everything from them. What is a good thing to release a new single? I don't think so because as I said, it just doesn't give anything new to the fans. So even if I cannot blame the quality of the music I will not recommend you to buy this CD, because it's simply just useless…

Written by Jeff | 16.06.2006


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