Dyscrasia / Putrid Pile - Genocide Of The Unborn/Bodies On Display [Split] review


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Band: Dyscrasia / Putrid Pile
Album: Genocide Of The Unborn/Bodies On Display [Split]
Release date: April 2005

01. Penetration Decimation (Anal Decapitation)
02. Genocide Of The Unborn
03. Semen Soaked C-Section
04. Massive Morgue Molestations
05. Grinded Into Fetal Sludge
06. Atrocious Appetite For Cauterized Cooter

Putrid Pile
07. Bodies On Display
08. Drenched In Gasoline
09. Merciless Homicide [live]
10. Covered In Excrement [live]
11. Gallery Of Horrors [live]
12. Shit Bodypainting [live]

Now this is a release that every extreme fanatic out there must be praising all day long; you have two of the sickest bands in the Brutal Death Metal scene in one CD, that's more than amazing don't you think? Well it is and it isn't and I'll tell you why exactly.

Dyscrasia opens the split forcefully with their sickening stamp surrounding the atmosphere. The first couple of songs are crushing and really fucking intense, those tracks are brutal, super-catchy and really fucking entertaining; actually this split becomes worthwhile for those tunes alone you see? But what happens in the third track? The music is still really powerful and interesting but the production changes enormously, everything becomes muddy as hell and every good thing about the songs gets drowned in the fuzziness of the mix.

Then Putrid Pile enters and the same thing happens again; the first tracks are overwhelming, but when the live section appears everything becomes a vague expression of what the actual songs truly are. This live part is not as bad as the aforementioned tracks (3-6) but we still get a lot of drowsiness in it; the guitars and the vocals are really loud and the drum-machine is not, sadly you'll barely be able to hear the programmed beats in this part.

Dyscrasia and Putrid Pile are great bands in my opinion, I love their music and their intensity but I was expecting more un-released tracks and better production you know? For now I'll keep playing the first 2 titles of this Split over and over again until my ears bleed profusely and my neighbors call the cops.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 6

Written by Herzebeth | 07.07.2006


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