Annihilator - Schizo Deluxe review


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Band: Annihilator
Album: Schizo Deluxe
Release date: November 2005

01. Maximum Satan
02. Drive
03. Warbird
04. Plasma Zombies
05. Invite It
06. Like Father, Like Gun
07. Pride
08. Too Far Gone
09. Clare
10. Something Witchy
11. Weapon X [bonus] [remastered version]
12. I Am In Command [bonus] [demo]
13. Annihilator [bonus] [demo]

After many successive years in hiatus; this thrash metal act known as Annihilator remained underrated. Any fan could give up their support for them, but in my case and as I have said before, the music should be judged on its own, so I don't mind if their music has hit a roadblock or not. After all, the last releases "Waking The Fury" and "All For You" were worthy purchases but not as good as Schizo Deluxe.

We have never been satisfied with Annihilator since the release of the critically-acclaimed debut masterpiece, "Alice In Hell", so "Schizo Deluxe" was just a new departure of this band. I can obviously say that Annihilator is back on its well-conducted way. The music is really insane and sounds exactly as it should be. With Schizo, Annihilator has regained the non-stop power, aggression and guitar-driven insanity it was known for.

Jeff (Annihilator's Mainman) has mixed the Annihilator's "best of" with his technical performance and brilliance to create many catchy songs. We can easily find songs like "Maximum Satan," "Plasma Zombies," "Like Father, Like Gun," or even "Something Witchy" that could be encountered oi their early career. However, Schizo Deluxe lacks something….maybe the drumming? Well, no doubt, the drumming is a bit weird and weak and so, offers monotone songs like for example "Drive." The bass stands out from time to time. So I think only Jeff's guitar justifies the purchase. But I won't be strict, and I also won't close my eyes to the positive aspects that this album owns, the music is a sort of thrash metal more heavier and accessible than the previous ones, well-crafted and plentiful with typical dual guitar parts that make you think about the old Metallica ( Ride The Lightening). The song-writing is all about psychology, paranoia and dementia. Every track manages to offer solid technical guitar riffs which give amazing instrumental complexities. The drumming? I've said before it's a bit weak but it's also full of footed tempo with extremely fast blastbeats (just in "Maximum Satan").

With Schizo Deluxe, the band have probably gained an impressive amount of popularity and reached the Thrash metal boarders. Being and old Annihilator fan, I have to admit the first time I listened to Schizo I was a bit disappointed and merely taken aback. But after many listens, my opinion was totally changed… Yes believe me, this album kills and kills again.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 8

Written by Mindheist | 23.08.2006


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17.04.2012 - 05:38
This album is awful. I dislike the singer about as much as I dislike the awful songwriting and lyrics.
17.04.2012 - 06:46
Its immeasurably better than the previous album, that one was agonizing. This one has catchy groove/thrash hooks at least. 'Like Father, Like Gun' is good.
Padden does a good job here, his vocals fit the musical style well. Can't say I enjoy said style all that much though.
25.09.2013 - 19:39
This is my third favorite annihilator album
15.10.2013 - 04:47
I love this album. The guitar work is elite level as usual, the songwriting is good. It's a concept album that's not trying to be one. I think it's very well thought out and the execution was on point. C'mon Maximum Satan is awesome, turn that up all the way on your stereo and tell me it's not. It's one of those songs the louder you play it the more you feel it's meaning and get amped!!

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