Reality Grey - Darkest Days Are Yet To Come review

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Band: Reality Grey
Album: Darkest Days Are Yet To Come
Release date: 2006

01. Intro
02. Reality grey
03. Never Again
04. The Cold Winter
05. My Hell
06. Betrayal
07. Screaming Out
08. F.U.

Reality Grey is a new band that plays Melodic Power/Death Metal. They come from Italy, like a lot of new Melodic Power/Death Metal actually, and "Darkest Days Are Yet To Come" is their second release after a first demo "Reborn In Apathy" (2004). I will not say, (I can't anyway), that "Darkest Days Are Yet To Come" is something new and original because it's not but our dudes aren't so bad and their drummer is just "terrific", so if you like this kind of music, I think that you could have a look on it.

The seven songs are all really fast and powerful and actually I think that it should be better to compare the music of Reality Grey with At The Gates or The Haunted instead of In Flames for example. The riffs are evidently hyper melodic and the tempo is in general really fast but the most impressive thing of the album is without any doubt the musical skill of the musicians. The two guitarists are able to play great guitars soli, and the drummer is just a real machine, it's just impressive… Now evidently, if the music is good and the songs can be catchy, I have to say that I already heard a lot of similar songs in the past. Reality Grey must clearly add some personal touches to its music.

For a demo, the sound is really good! Recorded at "Golem Dungeon" studio, it's better than a lot of "official" release. The cover is a bit classic but the booklet, with all the lyrics, is complete and well done. We had a lot of good work on this demo, it's encouraging for the future of the band.

Nothing original on this album, but for sure we have a band with a strong potential. The musical skill of the members is really impressive and I believe that they are just able to play good Metal. Now, they will just have to work on some new composition and add some originality and some personal touches to confirm that I'm not wrong. The potential is here, not the originality, Reality Grey could become a really good band if they find a way to write personal songs.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 09.10.2006


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