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Band: Gorgoroth
Album: Under The Sign Of Hell
Release date: 1997

01. Revelation Of Doom
02. Krig
03. Funeral Procession
04. Profetens Åpenbaring
05. Postludium
06. Ødeleggelse Og Undergang
07. Blood Stains The Circle
08. The Rite Of Infernal Invocation
09. The Devil Is Calling

This is the first album with the legendary Pest on vocals, which he does a wonderful job of doing so. The line up as changed once more, bass duties are now to Ares for one song and the rest to Infernus, Pest replaces Hat for vocals, and Grim replaces Frost from drums. Line up changes aren't always good, I mind you. Sometimes they change the entire sound of the band or simply backtrack it slightly, which is exactly what this album shows. With the new members, Gorgoroth took a step back and went more with an older, more underground sound with the drums and guitars. The quality of this album is somewhat lower then Antichrist, but it doesn't really change much about it. Grim for one matter is a good drummer, but this album doesn't show it. His drumming isn't perfect, which it isn't supposed to be, but it does sound slightly annoying and as if he is slamming a hammer against the wall while you are trying to sleep. Its a lot of repetition and somewhat a hint of unoriginality, constant blast beats and double bass.

The best part about this album is Pest, his influence on this album is just about Godlike. He does a wonderful job of handling vocals and he is a master at Gorgoroth's sound. He does so much to this band that it is almost haunting, his grim vocals are some of the best that have graced Gorgoroth's line up and well, graced the Black Metal scene in a long-time. It shows that one single significant change will completely turn your sound around for the best. Another point of this album is its influence, the single song Funeral Procession has already sparked a band with that name, simply because of the track name and the harsh influence of raw black metal.

My opinion, well a good notice is that the current and past member changes that happen from album to album. It's a big deal obviously, because if a person is good at what they do, why not keep them? Easy as pie, the persons that they got rid of weren't what they were looking for, either they had some difficulties following the band or their loyalties weren't in their cold black hearts. It's a pity honestly, because this album had a strong hold on me for a while, but it doesn't compare much to Antichrist in my mind. On the plus side, this album has more tracks and is longer on average then Antichrist, which is one of the band points of the last album. Atmosphere is a big thing, which album lacks for the most part except for in the song, The Rite of Infernal Invocation, which ends out like a howling wind after being beaten to death with a blunt object.

Solid tracks on this album, Funeral Procession and The Rite of Infernal Invocation, the rest is decent, but not noteworthy in my opinion.

Written by Prugor | 18.04.2004


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If you're going to re-issue an album it better be a good one, it better be something worthwhile, it better be a freaking masterpiece actually...it better be Gorgoroth's best record to date..."Under The Sign Of Hell"...

I remember the first time I ever heard anything from this band, it was something so loud and frightening that gave me nightmares for a week or two, something awfully caught my attention when I heard "Funeral Procession" that day, the vocals, Pest was (in my mind) the best piper this band has ever had, his shrieks where truly intense and almost scary, his performance in this song is just shivering in a word, that tune alone made this album one of the most recognized pieces in Black Metal to this day. "Under The Sign Of Hell" is maybe the most versatile piece when it comes to Vocals and Songwriting, it's just incredible how many tones and layers we can find inside this masterpiece; high, fast, low, mid-paced, it's all in there just waiting to burst.

published 31.01.2008 | Comments (21)


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19.05.2009 - 11:01
Liver Failure
Solid tracks on this album, Funeral Procession and The Rite of Infernal Invocation, the rest is decent, but not noteworthy in my opinion.

Agree with that. This album could be so much better.

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