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Band: Eyefear
Album: A World Full Of Grey
Release date: 2007

01. Searching For Forgiveness
02. A World Full Of Grey
03. Changes
04. Lost Within
05. Moments
06. The Eyes Tell No Lies
07. Whispers Of The Soul
08. Haunted Memories
09. Breathe Again
10. Searching For Forgiveness [Radio Edit]

Eyefear comes from Australia and even if "A World Full of Grey" is already the 3rd album of the combo, I have to confess that it's the first time that I hear some words about them. But well anyway at least this new release will be a good way to discover the band which plays a cool mix of Power and Progressive Metal.

"A World Full of Grey" is a really special and original album. First the voice of the new singer, Paul Souza, is a mix of the voices of Bruce Dickinson and Tobias Sammet and when you know that the band plays Progressive music, that's really unconventional. Though, even if the music of Eyefear is Progressive with a lot of keyboards and a ton of breaks there and there, I have to say that the album is clearly oriented toward the European Power Metal direction. It's my only problem with this release actually, I thought first that it was a real Prog album but it's more like a Power Metal one with some Progressive influences. It's not bad but don't except something a la Pain Of Salvation here, Eyefear plays Power Metal…

On the other hand, if you like to listen to good Power, "A World Full of Grey" is a good album. Really dark and definitely not in the vein of the numerous hyper melodic European Power Metal releases, this album is different. Plus I have to say it again but the performance of Paul Souza is extremely good and I cannot say anything against the other musicians which are all really good too. This time maybe that the line-up will not change anymore (it's a trend with this combo apparently, especially with their singers) for the good of the band and I think that this album will be a good way to become a bit more famous in Europe and America.

"A World Full of Grey" is a nice album of Proggy Power Metal. If you're bored by Sonata Arctica and want a Power which is a lot more complex and deep, just have a look on this release and you'll find something for you. Eyefear has the capabilities to become a great band, if they can confirm this feeling and develop a bit the Progressive side of their music, be sure that we will talk about them soon!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 26.08.2007



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27.08.2007 - 18:33
Resident Quack
Nice review. Even we Aussies were only given our first taste of Eyefear earlier this year when they opened for Blind Guardian, by all accounts they were a bit of a nonentity before that show. They played exceptionally well, and totally deserve all the recognition they get. They're pretty cool guys too, the keyboard player gave us free shirts!
"Once the game is over, the king and the pawn both go back into the same box."
28.08.2007 - 13:05
Dark Cornatus
I thought Danny Cecati did vocals for this band? He mustnt have been there for long then.
02.09.2007 - 06:18
Fuck I love Eyefear - wearing an Eyefear shirt now, in fact haha.

But THEY DON'T HAVE DANNY CECATI ANY MORE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That SUCKS, he is amazing .
"Summoned By Words Never Spoken Before..."
03.09.2007 - 13:59
Account deleted
Hi guys,

this is Sammy, keyboard player from Eyefear. Hope you are all well.
It seems everybody is confused including me about our lineup!
The above lineup is totally wrong! Dont know where those names came from.
The current lineup which has been the same for the last 4 years is: Danny Cecati (vocals), Con Papazoglou (guitars), Zain Kimmie (Drums), Robert Gorham (Bass) and me on keys.
Judas, hope you are wearing the shirts mate!
Cheers guys, thanks for the review Jeff!

06.09.2007 - 05:13
Written by Guest on 03.09.2007 at 13:59

The current lineup which has been the same for the last 4 years is: Danny Cecati (vocals), Con Papazoglou (guitars), Zain Kimmie (Drums), Robert Gorham (Bass) and me on keys.

Thank god for that haha.

"Summoned By Words Never Spoken Before..."
02.10.2007 - 02:10
Amazing album, one of the best of the year IMO. And to think that I only bought it because most of the reviews I read was good... the Internet is great, isn't it?


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