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Band: Falconer
Album: Sceptre Of Deception
Release date: 2003

01. The Coronation
02. The Trail Of Flames
03. Under The Sword
04. Night Of Infamy
05. Hooves Over Northland
06. Pledge For Freedom
07. Ravenhair
08. The Sceptre Of Deception
09. Hear Me Pray
10. Child Of Innocence
11. The Gate [Track bonus]

And so it's time for Swedish "Falconer" to release their third album, since the debut "Falconer" in 2001.
The new addition for the Discography is the album "The Sceptre of Deception" which also is the first with there new vocalist Kristoffer Göbel.

After last year's success with the album "Chapters From a Vale Forlorn" did "Falconer" go separate ways with their singer Mattias Blad of personal reason (The band wanted to tour more but Mattias couldn't couse of his family). So "Falconer" went on hunt for a new singer and found Kristoffer that also is singing in a band called "Destiny". But Mattias is not out of the picture, he still helps the band with backvocals and some song writing.

So, how does "Falconer" sound with Kristoffer on vocals? Really good, I must say. Kris is a bit more classic skilled then Mattias, which gives a special feeling over the vocal part of the album. Just like Mattias did, but in another way. But unfortunately the music isn't that special as it used to be, (everyone that heard the song "Entering Eternity" will know what I talk about). But if this is done with purpose or not, I don't know. Maybe they want to reach out to a wider public, maybe.

BUT still, "The Sceptre of Deception" is a wonderful CD, no doubt about it, and it still grows for every listening. And yes, it is a concept album, about greedy, dishonest and megalomania in Sweden on the 12:th century, based upon A true story.

And it feels like the band has grown a bit, even if they have lost a piece of the special feeling.
Even if the music it self have lost a piece, the lyrics have been better, and with Kris on vocals they now have the capacity to do more songs with a classic touch. Which they have done as a finishing song, "Child of Innocence" is a beautiful ballad that shows us what a wonderful voice Kris has. To bad that the song is only 56sec long. Even the intro. on the song "Night of Infamy" have a classic touch and then develop into one of the best on the album.

Some more songs worth mention (There are no bad songs on this one but some that are more good than other) is, "Hooves Over Northland", "Pledge for Freedom" and the title song, "The Sceptre of Deception" (and the already mention "Child of Innocence" & "Night of Infamy"). The production is OK, and with that I mean that it's not perfect or bad, but just something there between.

So all of you that already like "Falconer", you won't be disappointed at all, and to all of you that haven't heard them check 'em out, you won't regret it. It's not a masterpiece, but I'm sure they, someday, will create one.

Killing Songs: The whole albums rocks, but my personal favourites are: "Night of Infamy", "Hooves Over Northland", "Pledge for Freedom", "The Sceptre of Deception" & "Child of Innocence".

Written by Malcolm | 28.01.2004



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