Forever Slave - Tales For Bad Girls
1 January 2008

01. Dickhead!
02. Say Good-Bye
03. GothiX Girls
04. Pulse
05. Kristin A.I.D.S.
06. Afterlife
07. Our Story
08. Mar, No Te vayas
09. The Lovers
10. Larmes Et Roses
11. My Girl (She Loves Her)
12. Gasoline

Am I dreaming or does Britney play Metal now? Ho no, wake me up guys! Damn it was just a dream a really bad one and actually it was not Britney who was singing here but Lady Angellyca a fetish/gothic model from Spain. "Tales For Bad Girls" is the second album of the combo and if their first release was not memorable but not so bad in the end and just a bit common, their new release "Tales For Bad Girls" is just terrible. I'm still wondering how such bands can find deals with labels… Well I have an idea maybe, just put a gothic girl in front of a Gothic Metal band and maybe that you'll have a deal easily…

I tried, I promise that I tried to listen to this album more than two times but it was simply impossible for me. I have absolutely nothing against Gothic Metal bands in general but "Tales For Bad Girls" is just one of the worst Gothic Metal releases that I have ever listened to! Full of clichés and with songs simple as hell, this release sounds like a joke. The melodies are dull, the riffs (even if some of them are ok) are simple and even if the lyrics could be good, they're finally too clichés too to be interesting. Worst the voice of Lady Angellyca is false from the beginning to the end of the album; she is just out of tune on all the songs. Sorry to say that but it seems that our lady is here only because she is a "model" and not because she is a good singer! And this is strange because she wasn't so bad on the first album of Forever Slave and this time she is terrible (let's hope that it was just a mistake but I doubt that it is the case). I'm still wondering how I managed to save my ears really, but except some correct guitar soli (thx Oswalth) there is nothing good in this release which is uncolored and empty. The mix of gothic music with industrial sounds is boring as hell, seriously it's just impossible to find a good song (even an average one!) on "Tales For Bad Girls".

This is not the good production, the correct artworks and the few good Metal riffs which will save "Tales For Bad Girls", this album is just a really bad and rotten copy of Evanescence and this is really sad. I was hoping to be wrong about this album but the last comments that I heard about the band performances during their tour with Kamelot was even naughtier than my review… Forever Slave will have to wake up as soon as possible and play better music (I'm sure that they can do it) to be respected because right now I'm not even sure that MTV would like to play their music…

"Tales For Bad Girls" is just a forgettable album… With all my respect to Lady Angellyca, she will have to work on her voice to become a good singer. I'm sorry for the other guys which aren't bad musicians but no I just cannot stand this release. Let's give a last chance to Forever Slave, if they can add real dark elements and not commercial stuff in their next album, maybe that it will be ok but I really hope that they will stop to surf on this trendy wave. Britney leave that body!

Performance: 4
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Production: 8

Band profile: Forever Slave
Album: Tales For Bad Girls


written by Jeff | 24.04.2008


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dalamar2007 - 24.04.2008 at 15:02  
I agree with you. The first album was bearable but this one is impossible. It is a pity because I thought that this second album it will be better than the first one.
I think the band must look for a really Gothic Metal singer.


Azhidahak - 24.04.2008 at 15:21  
haha, your review made me interested to listen to the album . Britney Spears new album is good man!
atrox - 24.04.2008 at 16:44  
I guess I've been just too far away from gothic metal for very long time, because I didn't find the album so bad. If I recall hearing Evanescence occasionally, it was quite the same indeed, but well.. to my mind it's quite often the case with this style of metal..

Anyway, after listening half of the album, I dumped it, because it's just no fun.. it's better than disco coming out of offices' radios, but yeah.. that's about it
THE_BLACK_GOD - 24.04.2008 at 17:49  
Thank u very much Jeff. its like that i wrote the review. this album is nothin more than a shit.unfortunately it couldnt even turn my hormones on! but i thing she wanted to do somthin like that. the lyrics sux.i was really worng that wanted to hear them.4.3 is really more for it i gave it a 1.
jupitreas - 24.04.2008 at 17:49  
I think Ive actually seen this band live at some point...
Really terrible either way.
Cassian - 24.04.2008 at 18:16  
I hate Lady Angellyca since the beginning. I hate Alice's Inferno AND this one. Come on! you can't put a so-called gothic girl in front of a so-called metal band and say they PLAY gothic metal. That's blasphemous!

God. This band is sooooooo unbearable.
Bas - 24.04.2008 at 20:25  
haha, i haven't listened to this album, but i thought pretty much the same about this band when i saw them live, even though they weren't sooo bad then

but still just really boring and forgettable
like i already wrote somewhere, by far the best thing of this band are lady angellycas legs, and really, that's not what i'm going to listen to a bad cd for
Jason W. - 26.04.2008 at 04:44  
This is one of the worst albums I've listened to. And I agree, the first album was okay but not very interesting... but this album is abyssmal. The lyrics are terrible, the performance is terrible, and it's a torture to hear it from the beginning to end. It's music like this that makes me want to play in a band - because at least I know I could write and play something more interesting than this. There are so many good bands out there that don't get labels for years or even ever - but this has one. I'd rate it a 2.5.
Azhidahak - 26.04.2008 at 16:10  
I couldnt find this album "Tales for bad girls" so I downloaded their first album instead and it was so bad and so aweful that Im not gonna bother trying this new one. Oh man, I much rather listen to Britney.
aya - 04.05.2008 at 14:14  
I like this album, at least I prefer this album to the first one. I think the first album was more terrible. don't you think so? It was nothing special, and the vocal's singing was awful.
Their music has changed. They no longer play female fronted metal or gothic metal.
Many of you think it goes wrong, but I think it works well. Their new songs are catchy and Angellyca's singing gets emotional.
omjaimes - 06.05.2008 at 00:47  
the truth is a not very interesting album, the voice leaves a lot that to want knowing that this element is very important in the gothic metal, I think that the intention is good but it was not, the band is not bad, they have a mature, coordinated sound, coherent with what is looked for and that is of highlighting, also with a great guitar, alone it is bad the album, the letters move away from something that the Gothic wants to express.
I don't find similar to Evanescense, perhaps alone in the song Kristin AIDS. This new sound of Forever Slave has something of suomi metal for example in "Said Goodbye", but this absentee a great voice and some good letters.

I won't punish Forever Slave with a qualification below 7
vampira - 26.08.2008 at 12:30  
I've just got this album and I must say that my first impression is similar to Jeff's review- all is so cliche, I haven't heard anything especially interesting... I'll try to listen it again but I don't think it will change much. I am really dissapointed beacuse "Alice's Inferno" was a good album, and their demo- "Ressurection" was interesting too. But "Tales for bad girls".... argh...
"Britney leave that body!" (which reay suits this band now... Evanescence mixed with Britney..)
senzafine - 14.09.2008 at 12:50  
Even though the lyrics for the first album were pretty much inaudible, I liked Alice's Inferno fairly well. I've listened to this new album once or twice. I was pretty disappointed because I was hoping to see growth in this band. Tales for Bad Girls is just weird or something. Also, I've heard their album art was stolen from the artist Zhang Jingna, though I'm not sure if it's true.
Dane Train - 26.04.2009 at 00:00  
I have not heard the album yet, and probably never will. The titles of the songs are so inane.
annodomini - 12.02.2010 at 11:13  
Well this one is really terrible, but Alices Infeno was very good, if there had been another and better singer, then their debut could be a very solid work. But now Lady Angelica is ruining everything. I cant understand how she is dealing with all this critic she is getting.
Pétur - 12.02.2010 at 21:08  
As fake and Poser as it gets... Terrible album by a terrible band.
ravendeath - 17.06.2010 at 02:06  
It seems that I'm the only one who can listen to this album.
Lovecraft - 19.09.2010 at 03:43  
This album is very chaotic, very intolerable, very awful! Their debut was okay, but this is awful!
Cassian - 04.02.2011 at 15:33  
Personally, I think:
1. Their first album is dump and boring, with no highlights at all.
2. Their second album is even worse. Nothing is worth listening. The only highlight is the cover artwork.

I don't why such bands like this one could even get a record deal while many other talented metal groups are still unsigned??? And please give me a break Lady Angelica or whatever your name is, you can not sing!
Pétur - 04.02.2011 at 19:44  
Written by Cassian on 04.02.2011 at 15:33

2. Their second album is even worse. Nothing is worth listening. The only highlight is the cover artwork.

A cover artwork that was stolen by the way.
Cassian - 05.02.2011 at 13:02  
Written by Pétur on 04.02.2011 at 19:44

Written by Cassian on 04.02.2011 at 15:33

2. Their second album is even worse. Nothing is worth listening. The only highlight is the cover artwork.

A cover artwork that was stolen by the way.

Really??? Then there's nothing left to talk about this so-called band LOL
Pétur - 05.02.2011 at 21:29  
Written by Cassian on 05.02.2011 at 13:02

Written by Pétur on 04.02.2011 at 19:44

Written by Cassian on 04.02.2011 at 15:33

2. Their second album is even worse. Nothing is worth listening. The only highlight is the cover artwork.

A cover artwork that was stolen by the way.

Really??? Then there's nothing left to talk about this so-called band LOL

http://zemotion.deviantart.com/art/Redemption-52628727 the artist sued them, according to the band the label did it without them knowing. I have my doubts...

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