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Band: Freak Kitchen
Album: Freak Kitchen
Release date: 1998

01. We've Heard It All Before
02. Vaseline Bizniz
03. Michael And The Syndrome
04. Entertain Me
05. My New Haircut
06. Broken Food
07. Bull
08. Mr. Kashchei And The 13 Prostitutes
09. Scattered
10. Six Dildo Bob And The Bluegrass Samba From Hell
11. Tiny Little Second
12. Pathetic Aestetic
13. A Regular Guy
14. Also Sprach Cetacea

"Freak Kitchen" is the 3rd album of the band and we will find two really important new things in it. The apparition of the best in my opinion version of the symbol of the band: the yellow cow on the cover of the album [the cow is drawn by Christian since the first album and it's the mascot of the band] and the apparition of the magical new guitar pick of Mattias, the… "Dildo"… However, "Freak Kitchen" the album, is a bit different of the two others precedent albums and we will see why and how in this review.

"Freak Kitchen" is softer, calmer. In fact this album is really more folkish than the two others, you could find some banjo parts, a really nice "Samba" and a lot of ballads in it. Is it bad Well not really because the magical compositions even if this is a bit less Hard Rock and maybe a bit more pop are always in it. More acoustic this album is certainly more intimist than "Appetizer" and "Spanking Hour". But don't worry there is again a lot of catchy melodies and certainly more of all this crazy little sounds in the guitar play of Mattias, this is just a bit less powerful, but for sure interesting. At least it shows that Freak Kitchen know to change its style on each album. That's great I think.
The texts are again excellent. You could listen to some really funny tracks about "the new haircut" of some popish stars of the moment [we are in 1998, Oasis, Blur all these bands do you remember???] but also some songs more tragic like "Tiny Litte Second" which talk about all the bad stuffs that you could have for nothing, in only some little seconds or "We've Heard It All Before" a reflection on our every days behaviour and way of thinking. That's Freak Kitchen, on a track you can laugh on one other you can have some shivers due to the hard reality of the lyrics.
I talked about a new important addition in this album, Mr Dildo. Mattias is certainly the only guitarist on Earth who knows how to do hilarious Dildo solo with his Caparison Apple Horn guitar. You just have to listen to "Six Dildo Bob and the Bluegrass Samba from Hell" or if you are more lucky to see Mattias with his "Dildo bell" on him, playing this little stupid funny song, really it's hilarious.
This album was released in 1998, this time we have a perfect sound, the production is great and we have finally the real nice voice of Mattias, the one that we know today. Plus we have one of the best cover ever don't you think he he ).

"Freak Kitchen" is a special album, maybe a bit more acoustic but really interesting with a real great work on it. And well you must know like me that after the beautiful sunny day, always come the storm and the hurricane. Yeah you could see all that on the next album of the band "DeadSoulman", the heaviest release of Freak Kitchen for sure.
"Freak Kitchen" the album, yeah it's good, it's nice, it's great etc etc… You should buy it nothing more…

Written by Jeff | 16.09.2004


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