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UFO - The Visitor review


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Band: UFO
Album: The Visitor
Release date: June 2009

01. Saving Me
02. On The Waterfront
03. Hell Driver
04. Stop Breaking Down
05. Rock Ready
06. Living Proof
07. Can't Buy A Thrill
08. Forsaken
09. Villains & Thieves
10. Stranger In Town
11. Dancing With St. Peter [2009 version] [digipack bonus]

"The Visitor" is already the 19th studio album released by UFO… Quite incredible how this band manages to survive all over the years without being (unfortunately) the most recognized combo from United Kingdom. Some of their releases are legendary but some others a bit more common… In which category will be feature this new release? Let's talk a bit about it and do our conclusions…

"The Visitor" starts with three excellent songs, "Saving Me" (with cool slide guitars and big heavy riff), "On The Waterfront" (bluesy as hell) and "Hell Driver" (a pure Hard Rock song a la AC/DC). But after that, the album begins to become slower and not so catchy finally. I'm not saying that the other songs are not good, but this is a lot more FM (like on "Stop Breaking Down" which features a really ordinary chorus or "Forsaken" which is just too mellow to be digestible…). Some other songs like "Villains & Thieves" or "Rock Ready" are better but still incomparable to the rocky beginning of the album. "The Visitor" is just too unequal to slap your face if you see what I mean.

Pete Way who is currently suffering from a liver disease didn't play on the album. But all the other last members are here and are one more time better than ever. I especially like Phil Mogg's voice on this release, the older he is, the best his voice is in my opinion. This is just too bad that "The Visitor" is so unequal, with great songs and really average and boring ones… Ho well, they have so many releases anyway that everything cannot be perfect after all…

I know, "The Visitor" is probably not the best album ever released by UFO, but seriously if you like classy Hard Rock/Bluesy riffs, let's be honest some minutes ,we have some good songs on this release! Maybe that my interest in this CD comes from the fact that I listen to a lot of 70's Rock bands nowadays but is it a problem? Absolutely not, at the opposite I like the 70's spirit featured on this disc so if you're like me, you'll probably find something for you here! Rock N Roll cannot hurt anybody right?

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 22.07.2009



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26.07.2009 - 09:42
Good review.

I haven't really listened to anything these guys put out since the Schenker years, but I've been listening to some mellower stuff lately so I'll give this a try.
02.08.2009 - 03:22
Dane Train
Beers & Kilts
I've been wanting to hear this album. UFO was a band I grew up on.
(space for rent)
11.08.2009 - 05:02
Account deleted
UFO has always been awesome. Looking to get this

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