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Band: Funeral Rape
Album: Porn Afterlife
Release date: February 2010

01. Anal Consumption
02. Bitches From Hell
03. Gang Bang Tales
04. Porn Afterlife
05. Hardcore High School
06. Cocksucker 69
07. Pregnant Whore
08. Drunk Party With Sluts
09. Blow Job Time
10. Anal Song
11. Cuming Into The Cunt Of The Dead
12. Hard Cock Easy Life
13. Teens For Old
14. Virgin No More
15. Grinding The Cunt
16. Raw Fuck
17. Leprous Pimp
18. I Spy Camel Toe
19. World Whore
20. Cuming On The Undertaker

Didn't this band split-up? Well, they should anyway. I enjoyed big time their debut full-length A Chainsaw in the Cunt, I was annoyed by their attempt of being ultra-gore when they released a 19 minutes lousy album called Sexperiment and this time I'm just undecided…Porn Afterlife is a collage of porn audio clips (most of them in freaking Italian by the way), a couple of good catchy riffs and a group of guys that sound way too much into Rompeprop.

It's not the most awful album I've ever heard in the genre, it's kinda fun actually, I mean you have titles as "Pregnant Whore" and "Leprous Pimp," what would you expect? My big issue is that I've had my share with humorous bands, and there's a ton out there that sound way better than Funeral Rape. To name a few there's XXX Maniak, Lord Gore, Fondlecorpse, Purulent Spermcanal or the already mentioned Rompeprop.

Still Funeral Rape exploits their main and most imminent feature in this new album, catchy grooves; it's impossible for you to get bored by the riffing found inside this piece, it's just pummeling mindless fun, even if you've heard this kind of crafts many times before, you'll now find yourself hooked and headbanging to the beat... problem is, when the album ends you'll be like "yeah ok, what else is new...?"

And that's about it, the album starts and ends with nothing new to offer, just some catchy riffs and funny pornography ("you used to eat BIG salchicha, big Salami eh!"). And that's why I think they should either split-up or start doing something creative, I mean, if they release another self rip-off I'm going to call Will Rahmer (from the band Mortician, who happens to be the owner of Redrum Records) and I'm going to spit on my speaker phone so loud that he will have to force his "favorite signed band" to quit…yeah that's what I'll do…

Written by Herzebeth | 28.07.2010


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28.07.2010 - 18:56
Account deleted
It's great to see you writing reviews again.
28.07.2010 - 20:11
Yep. Another one of your reviews of bad grindcore music. Classic.
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