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Band: Transcending Bizarre?
Album: The Misanthrope's Fable
Release date: November 2010

01. The Misanthrope's Fable
02. The Beginning
03. Realizing The Blindness
04. Envisaging The Ideal Planet
05. The Murders Of The Young Ones
06. The Empire Of Mind
07. Descarte's Wrath
08. Broad Daylight Misanthropy
09. The Return To Nothingness

From the elegiac aesthetic and abstract psy-mphonies of electronic vacuum from the cosmic womb of void architecture (The Four Scissors) and the more structured eloquence of gentle disharmony (The Serpent's Manifolds) the time has come for Transcending Bizarre? to continue their diastric journey. 2010 found them wounded due to the loss of S.A. Akis, yet the band arose like the phoenix from the ashes of this tragic event and gave birth to The Misanthrope's Fable, their third full-length release to date.

So, the main characteristics the fans of the band may notice around have to be:
1) The glorious return of The Four Scissors' elegiac volition.
2) The more structured character of The Serpent's Manifolds.
3) A wide variety of expression and bombardments of inspiration.

With these having been said, the sphere of doubt concerning the sound corridors Transcending Bizarre? have chosen to explore this time tends to become more apparent. While paying tribute to their respectful past, they lean towards the future with a more powerful lens that depicts in a crystal clear way their intentions. Once again, Dissonart Productions supports the band's point of view which is being strengthened by the highly artistic cover artwork that holds a sense of elegant yet horrifying surrealism.

The overall ambiance is being multi-filtered through various places and/or states of mind, there are times the music evokes an astral maneuvering, at others either you will find yourself into a pleasing mental acylum or a twisted amusement park. One thing is for sure, The Misanthrope's Fable is the thin red line between dream and nightmare on seismic activity and with this having been said, you may find yourself at either side, any moment. Of course, due to the excellence of symphonic incarnations floating all over the place through the ecstatic keyboard lines that are not afraid to invert roles with the obscure sequences and slight but omnipresent electronic vibes. The guitar work is fabulous, many soloing moments that lend an inspired overdose of exploding melody, dynamic riffing and hallucinating slides/tremolos that expand their territory to suddenly surrender to harmonic chords and melodic leads. The same thing applies for the rhythm section, accompanying the rest of the band in any tempo in the most appropriate way without forgetting to present creative passages here and there. As for the vocal lines, this is the first time the band presents such a wide prism of reflecting rays of expressing tones and dementia. Anything I may say concerning this factor would seem so poor since the overall scenery ranges from dancing macabre shrieks to a madman's whispers, from clean vocal lines to boiling and kind of distorted singing mirrored through a lunatic's point of view and from orchestral floating waves to a child choir's perishing innocence. Who couldn't be missing from this ballroom incoherence? Bjørnar E. Nilsen from Vulture Industries of course ("The Empire Of Mind")!

Without any shadow of doubt, this has to be their most impressive and delightful work to date, it nearly reaches completion, perfecting the elements of their previous works but also lending an imposing stare at the future. On The Misanthrope's Fable yesterday found tomorrow at the present, I wonder where tomorrow will lead them. In times like these, I'm proud of my fellow country mates that pay tribute to their instruments in such a vicious yet respectful manner. You may partake in this avant-garde orgy, what are you waiting for?

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9


Written on 13.11.2010 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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13.11.2010 - 17:44
I must listen it!

TB? is amazing..
13.11.2010 - 18:46
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Looking forward to this!
loves 小巫
13.11.2010 - 21:22
I already listened to this, one of the better Avant-Garde efforts this year.
Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone.
13.11.2010 - 21:51
Fat & Sassy!
Icanhazavantgarde? :O
You do you, brozzio.
17.11.2010 - 03:54
Very nice album, and funny sometimes
17.11.2010 - 12:42
Danny Devilto
Their first album had a terrible production and i couldn't afford listening to it. Their second one was a bit catchy, new one is more complex and complete.Their best one.

Soulscared said: ''Very nice album, and funny sometimes''

funny why?? (actually the new solefald has a funny track)
17.11.2010 - 12:48
Written by Danny Devilto on 17.11.2010 at 12:42

Their first album had a terrible production and i couldn't afford listening to it. Their second one was a bit catchy, new one is more complex and complete.Their best one.

Soulscared said: ''Very nice album, and funny sometimes''

funny why?? (actually the new solefald has a funny track)

If you can get through the production of the first one, it's actually quite ahead in terms of inspiration! And i kind of prefer it to their second attempt
Dec. 30, 1334.

...And the whiskey and wine entered our veins when blood was too weak to carry on.
15.06.2011 - 16:16
Crown A.
A very good band and indeed a good album. It deserves to be heard.

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