Klimt 1918 - Undressed Momento review


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Band: Klimt 1918
Album: Undressed Momento
Release date: 2003

01. _
02. Pale Song
03. Parade Of Adolescence
04. We Don't Need no Music
05. Undressed Momento
06. That Girl
07. Naif Watercolour
08. If Only You Could See Me Now
09. Stalingrad Theme

Talking about strange band names lately, KLIMT 1918 seems like a name that doesn't make sense at first, but if you do a little research on the web, you'll find out that Mr. Gustav Klimt was an Austrian painter and founder of the school of painting known as the Vienna Sezession. And the 1918? Well, that was the year of Mr. Klimt passing. So what kind of music could you expect from a band that is named after a painter? Let's see.

First, for some purists, this could be hardly classified as Metal at all, but for me is it, a mellower, melancholic type of Metal. KLIMT 1918 mixes 2 types of music in their cauldron, we have in one side, Gothic Metal mainly influenced by Katatonia, Paradise Lost and Anathema; on the other side I found this very 80's influenced by bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Tears For Fears and even some U2, could you imagine both styles merged into one album? Well, here it is.

As I said , this is mellow stuff, very catchy but not too aggressive, vocals are great and the use of double bass in some songs give a special touch to many tunes. I found many hits in the album, like "Pale Song" a perfect opener track (after the intro), a lot of 80's influences here, until the guitar kicks in; "Parade Of Adolescence" is another cool song with the enchanting yet melancholic vocals of Marco Soellner; "We Don't Need Music" is my favorite song in the album, after the strange intro spoken in French, they start singing in Italian, and let me tell you that the Italian Language fits the music of KLIMT 1918 better than English, I was disappointed because this was the only song featuring Italian vocals.

"Undressed Momento" is a slow-paced melancholic song, and "That Girl" is like listening the cure with heavy guitars. The album closes perfectly with "Stalingrad Theme" a great song, really aggressive, filled with double bass, at first glance this could have been a Melodeath song, trust me, what a fantastic way to close the album!

As you can see, this album has a wide variety of emotions and feelings attached to every note, every melody, every song, I really enjoyed this one, is good to hear once in a while people that are ready to push boundaries and take things a step further to create something new and original, My vote goes to KLIMT 1918.

Written by Undercraft | 11.03.2005



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08.07.2008 - 09:56
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Nice review, the album is great... one of the best debut albums i've heard.
This band is awesome and in this album wirh Novembre's drummer everything fit perfectly.

Really recommended.

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