Trail Of Tears - Free Fall Into Fear review


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Band: Trail Of Tears
Album: Free Fall Into Fear
Release date: February 2005

01. Joyless Trance Of Winter
02. Carrier Of The Scars Of Life
03. Frail Expectations
04. Cold Hand Of Retribution
05. Watch You Fall
06. The Architect Of My Downfall
07. Drink Away The Demons
08. Point Zero
09. Dry Well Of Life
10. The Face Of Jealousy

Trail Of Tears come back with their fourth full-length album and the first one without a female vocalist in their ranks. How will this affect the music? The album is more aggressive? They use electronic elements? Who is in charge of the vocal department now? for that and more, stay tuned.

After voluptuous female singer Helena Iren Michaelsen left the band many thought that it was the end of it, then two years later they released "A New Dimension Of Light" release that went unnoticed among many Metalheads. Now after 3 years of the last album they're back, and this time without any chick handling vocals to perform the oh-so-famous "beauty and the beast" duet.

So with 2 dudes handling the vocals the outcomes could be surprising, so I decided to give it a try. After a couple of listens I must say that I was very disappointed, songs lack catchiness and memorable parts. Although the vocal delivery by both singers is quite good, the music still lacks moments.

Moments like "Carrier Of The Scars Of Life" undoubtedly the best song in the album, catchy, aggressive and sticks in your mind for weeks. If you ask me to sing you a part of any song of the album, you're asking too much, because all songs just fly away from your head the moment they end, with the single exception of the after mentioned one. This doesn't mean that songs are bad, the album is completely listenable, but I would consider it as a background listen rather than an album to put on my Discman to walk somewhere.

At the end we get this strange Gothic-fusion Metal with no sense whatsoever, now is time to think if leaving the band without female vocalist was a good idea… (although some female vocals can be heard at "Cold Hand Of Retribution").
Also, the cover art is quite bad, so don't get me started there. Listen the album if you're a Trail Of Tears fan, but don't say I didn't warn you, is quite different from we're used to get from the Norwegian outfit.

Written by Undercraft | 17.03.2005


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