Huron - Mary Celeste review

Band: Huron
Album: Mary Celeste
Release date: May 2011

01. Branded
02. Mary Celeste
03. Disperse Or We Fire
04. Blood In Blood Out
05. All My Gods
06. Serpentswine
07. Eternal Sea Pt. 1
08. Suffer
09. Black Harvest
10. Eternal Sea Pt. 2

This album is a bit like Susan Boyle. You know, that woman who everyone ignored until she sang on that talent show from the U.K.? The one who looks like Jason Alexander in drag with a roadkilled raccoon on his head? Ringing any bells? Anyway, like with that lady, the album cover for this is going to make a lot of people look away, poke out their chin, bite their top lip, and bulge their eyes. And, like with Ms. Boyle, under the hideousness, there's music… oh so sweet music. And that's surprising. Who would have thought that ugly things could be so sweet? Color me a shallow douchebag surprised.

This is a thrash-tinged sludge album with some southern rock exuberance and some Phil Anselmo worshipping vocals…

…End of story. Yes that sounds awesome and yes Huron pulls it off pretty fucking well.

And yes, they sound a bit like Down. "Bit'' being the keyword there, though. They're a tad thicker than Down. Think Vulgar Display Of Power Phil Anselmo meets early Crowbar. Meets more Pantera. But really, Huron, a young band, already has a unique sound. And, frankly, that unique sound sounds really good.

Most of the time, at least. Not everything is peachy in this British glob of sludge. It, in all its chunky greatness, makes Huron out to be a band with a bit of an identity crisis. Example! Sometimes the riffing here is caked with grime. You know, the sort of riffing that makes it really rewarding to find little lumps of melody and the like. Sometimes, on the other hand, it's strictly in your face stuff. The hooks will be, though amply distorted, clear. Both can be Samuel L. Jackson as 007 levels of cool, as everyone knows. But most of the time on this, Huron seems like they're tip toeing around the awkward region directly between the two. Sometimes they sound dirty, sometimes crisp. And Huron's take on the two together doesn't quite feel right.

Another gripe? The production sorely lacks on the low end.

But, overall, Huron still sounds good. When they stumble, they're always quick to stand back up and continue kicking ass. Southern American British style. So do them a favor and check this out. It's a really good album and easily a candidate for my coveted "the fuck did this come from?" award for 2011.


Written on 31.08.2011 by Wormdrink's real name is George and he's an American.


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04.09.2011 - 04:57
Account deleted
Southern American British style? I must check this one!.

Thanks for reviewing it.

04.09.2011 - 17:25
Merchant of Doom
I was thinking more Urine than Huron... the only good thing about this band is the music player on their website: when you click on a song to hear it, it pops up and hides their faeces... sorry, faces!
04.09.2011 - 18:42
Account deleted
I think Mandrake already covered the whole Mary Celeste topic rather well.

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